I am 25 years of age.

I am divorced.

My main interests are reading anything that I can get my hands on, Tamagotchi, and all things spiritual, as well as BBM – for it keeps me connected in such nerdy ways to all my faves.

I am a Witch trying to find her way again, to reconnect with the Divine on all levels of being. To feel as though I belong inside my own mind, let alone within this most amazing faith. I am also trying to better myself, to get out of my head all the negative thoughts and swirling emotions that tend to set up camp there.

I have strong opinions, and voice them readily, with thorough regard to how they may upset those I care about, and those I know nothing of; however, I’ve come to realize that it is my own happiness that comes first, and those that do have a problem, should own it themselves and deal with it.

Feel free to comment as much as you would like. I do not have an email that is linked to this blog.


I wish you love and light, and may you be blessed by the Lord and Lady.


Asa Ryanne


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