Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee…

Again, I disappeared and neglected my readers.

I get into such a rut at work and at home, always on the move and then being too lazy to do anything, including type.

Lots of things have happened since my last post.

First, being that S went away to Cuba (see her blog, ) and left me here for MANY DAYS all alone.
I joke.
And side note, I looked outside from my desk and watched a very large, waddling man, in nothing but a t-shirt, vest and shorts, amble into the crosswalk. Dude, it’s -12 right now. Put clothes on.

Anyway, yes, she left. I spent time at mum’s and R’s because of work. I’ve been so busy it’s foolish, and am now back at work feeling overly blahhh.

I’ve not had any M time in ages, I’m beginning to feel like we’re in this super difficult long distance relationship or something. Frig lol.
Oh well, we’ll see how this week goes for M time, seeing as how I am working days for the next two weeks, which means off no later than 5pm and the ability to go home and sleep at a reasonable hour like most human beings. Squee.

I don’t feel very funny today, although I’ve been told I still am. Odd.

I was told the other day, by a friend of mine in recent weeks, B, that he loves me. It was very awkward. It’s not true, because he was drunk out of his mind, but he sent me a voiceclip over BBM stating that he loves me. I just about choked on my tea when I listened to it.

It’s different.

I’m all over the place today, can you tell? Bizarre!

I want to go home and sleep already. It’s only going on 10am, and I’m here til 4… I need to buckle down big time. I’m thinking of going to the little strip-mall for lunch and getting something from the bistro, or just cheaping out and going to subway for a small ham deli round.

We’ll see about that too.

I am SUPER upset, by the way, because my Kobo Glo has frozen. it’s been frozen since thursday of last week, and every reset I’ve tried, won’t work and it’s just being an arse.

HELP ME. I’ve googled and have used them before and done the resets and such and it’s always worked, but this time it’s not working.
VERY UPSET, given books are my first true love, and still my true love. Heart-mates, if you will.

OMG, I’m speaking with my baby brother Z, (see his blog too ) on WhatsApp and I told him how I wanna go to subway for lunch, and now my tummy is growling, and you know what? I want SOUP.
I don’t even want a sandwich. I want SOUP. Like, creamy, stogged full of veggies, soup. Oh my gentle jesus… It’s bad enough my first break is still another 35 minutes away, let alone the lunch. Ohhhhh goodness.

Now L, at work, and I are talking about how we need more sleep. She’s on about how we need to just be able to have RollOver sleep – like RollOver minutes.
Man, I wish. don’t sleep for a week, then just sleep for a weekend and Poof, instantly stocked up on sleep.
And how fading out from the red to the black is just your eyes going from red, to the dark circles under your eyes.

This is why I stay here at this job; the people I work with haha, we’re fantastic.

I must leave you know and get some more tea, because I’m a rebel like that.

I’ll be posting later, because I’m again, a rebel.
Not so much as the baby brother, Z though. Because he’s like ulti-rebel.
Yeah boy.

Take care! :p


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