It’s Beyond Lovely…

I’m loving the weather today. For the first time in many months, it’s almost 10 degrees and sunny. I’m so enamored. I want to sit outside and read for hours, which I may very well be able to do if M and I can sort out what’s going on for his birthday today.

I got a huge thank you for being the first one to wish him a happy birthday at exactly midnight, which was very cute. And he enjoyed the letter I wrote up for him. He’s in denial about the fact I bought him a gift though, so when he’s ready for it, I’ll be able to give it to him.

He’s still at work, finishing up some sort of MOT thing then he’ll be off. He’s planning on going out for drinks with his mates but we’re not quite sure when that will be and I’m not sure if I’m able to go out, despite it being my day off, as I have to be up at 530am tomorrow morning to work 730-330.

So we’ll see.

It’s probably a bad idea to be reading the book I’m currently invested in; it’s an erotic novel that I stumbled across and wanted to check out. Well after last night’s dreams, M’s requests and just me being me…. I’m ready to pounce over this book, ._.

I still have to wonder where the huge spike in views came from the other day. 163 in total, 7 overall visitors, 23.39 views per visitor, with a total of 150 originating in said Land of Deadly Everythings; Australia.

Meh, doesn’t bother me, just piques my interest.

I’ll wrap this up, given that I keep stopping just to read this hugely erotic novel, haha.

I’m sure I’ll be back later.


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