Sorry for such a delay in posting.
I’ve been ill.
Not terminally. Just sicky.

Not to mention busy as hell. Between work, being sick with something that made me hate life, as well as family time, and rearranging a bedroom that was in desperate need to be changed, I’ve barely had a moment to myself, and the moments I have had, have been spent having minor panic attacks and spending time with my man, M.

I don’t have a whole lot to really talk about, other than the fact that it’s a difficult pill to swallow, finding out the true friends that you have.

I used to be a person that has about 4000000000 friends, because I am such a social butterfly and trust very easily.
I’ve learned the hard way, about 3999999999 times, that this is the wrong way for me to go about things. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson from the get-go eh? Alas, such is not the case.

That being said, I now have about 20 really good friends, the rest are all acquaintances with whom I rarely share anything personal. That in and of itself certainly isn’t a bad thing, given that my personal life should be just that, personal.

Case in point – a few people that I thought were good friends, actually shared their views on M and I, a relationship which I cherish every day, given how well he treats me, how much I love him, and how suited we are for each other, (the fact that we’re both ginger has nothing to do with it, I swear. Okay, maybe a tiny bit, teehee).
These views were very condescending towards M, given that he is an English bloke. A lot of nasty things were said, and harmful words were thrown in for… good measure?
Regardless, I had to sit these people down and really tell them how I felt about their own opinion and how it wasn’t warranteed, nor asked for.

If he makes me happy, that’s all there is to it, yes? Yes.

Case in point (again) – I told him last night, in my own words, that because he makes me so ecstatically happy, treats me so well, etc, that I would give up all the tea in the world, on top of never having it again (SHOCK/HORROR) if it meant that I could make him happy always and forever.
First words out of his mouth? I don’t need to do that, I just need to stay the way I am.

Yeah, that feeling in your chest? Your heart is racing, and your face is trying not to stretch into a smile…. that’s because you know, that is the cutest thing you’ve heard all day (not difficult given it’s only 745am) and you LOVE it.
I fought back happy tears when he said that. It took me ages to respond to him with anything intelligible because I was just so overwhelmed. Thankfully this took place over chat when he was at a friends’ place, because if he had said it to my face, I’d STILL be kissing him.

Anyway, I got kind of carried away there, don’t judge me.

I’m at work again, it’s rather slow *knocks on wood*, and I hope it stays as such for the rest of the day, as I am off at 330.

I can’t complain about my job you know, as much as I resent it sometimes, because it’s easy work, fixing people’s problems to the best of my ability, and I adore most of the people I work with, which helps; not to mention (but I am anyway) the fact I pay $9 a month for unlimited beverages. OMNOMNOM.

Sometimes it IS my only saving grace; again, don’t judge me.

I really must plug in again, because he’s come out with a new post, that had me cracking up thoroughly.

Makes me giggle every time. I even re-read it at work when I’ve left my Kobo at home, like today, because it cracks me up so much.

You know, I often wonder what it would be like if people read my blog like crazy. Such as this Adam bloke’s website. Like if M read it, and most of my friends off Facebook/work/previous workies and stuff. It seems like there would be so much pressure to make this blog hilarious and charming, witty and poignant. But apparently I’m hysterical as it is, and don’t need to try, which is encouraging.

Oh well, too bad I can’t draw like this Adam fellow or whatsherface from, I’d make a slight killing.

Instead, I use the power of the mind to make you think, and hear, of everything that I’m typing out. Mwahahaha.

Sorry about that, lost my cool for a second.


No word of a lie, I just heard one of my co-workers say this, “I’m here, I’m a queen, and I’m in a dress”. *pause for curtsey* “That wasn’t very queen of me, it looks like I have a broken leg”. I think I’ve almost peed myself trying NOT to laugh…. >->

That being said, I should probably bring this to a close right now, otherwise I’ll post all throughout the day, post before I end my shift and you’ll all be left with something that is TL;DR and that will defeat the purpose for wanting readers to read this.

I’m already sitting at almost 1k words, so I should hush.

Too bad I can’t work on all 7 books I have in mind with this much gusto eh?
I’d be as awesome a novelist as my beautiful Megan, ( and have a bunch of books under her belt, plus a new child, my beloved honorary nephew, E πŸ™‚ (No, he’s not a tablet of Ecstacy, I just won’t put names on here outside of links, remember? Turds).

Enjoy your day, lovies. Because the sun is shining, the air is crisp but refreshing, it’s NOT a typical BS Monday, and I…. am so stupidly in love that it has me smiling all day, every day.

(If only M knew about this blog and would read all the ways in which I gush over him….)

**Edit** – We’re now past the 1k word count. We’re good πŸ˜‰


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