“You’ve Ruined Me”…

Said I, to my friend R.H., after having finished the first six books in a line up of about thirty from the renowned author Terry Brooks.

I have never picked up a book by Mr. Brooks until R.H got me into them. He’s ruined me.

I will never look at another novel the same way again; his writing style, his words, his world that he created for us, for -me-, cannot be mirrored, nor matched by any other author.

I have tried countless times to read other books and get into other series, however I’ve been completely ruined because it seems nothing can compare. It’s so rotten. So -great-, but so rotten…

The same goes for TV shows. R.H. and his wifey S, (not the S mentioned before, but I refuse to use names in this) got me into the (dreaded) Battlestar Galactica.

I am quite the nerd, I enjoy Star Wars, and Star Trek; who am I kidding? I LOVE THEM. So I was totally okay with getting into a spacey show, however the things I’ve heard about BSG and just… the reputation it has, was far beyond my desire for it.
Well, R.H, and his S, got me into it a few weeks ago, roughly New Years’ Eve time, and I have been addicted ever since. I can’t wait it without them of course, because it’s like some sort of betrayal, -however-, it’s astounding. The show blows my mind EVERY time I watch it. EVERY episode.
It’s tragically good.

So now, when I’ve gone to watch other shows, or investigate new things to watch? RUINED.

Nothing seems to compare to the extravagant plots, the beautiful scenes, the haunting acting… Oh my goodness. Ruined; they’ve ruined me.

I can’t be upset with them, to be honest, as silly as it may sound, because they’ve set my standards for novels and shows so high that it just helps along the fact I barely watch TV anyway, and when I do, it has to be intellecutally stimulating, emotionally gripping; such as BSG.

I love it.

I don’t know why I had to get this out of my head, but there it is.
I get to leave work and go over to R.H and S’s for more BSG and lots of shocking moments, then giggles when they look at my face after my mind has been blown, nay, shot to hell and back, by something that was revealed; I cannot impress upon you that this happens EVERY episode.

Mind = BLOWN.

Don’t judge me, I take massive pleasure in the little things.

Like when I get to spend time/phone calls with M, talking about cars and footy…I am stupidly happy to spend that time with him regardless of what is being discussed, and let’s face it, I cling to his every word, because his voice, his accent, his… everything, is just so beautiful.
I would, and plan to, watch this man recite the alphabet for me some day.
He thinks I’m joking when I say this…. Fool, no?

So, with all of that being said… I am going to leave you for the evening; ’tis almost time to clock out and head to R.H’s for the BSG-“Let’s blow her mind”-marathon.

Have a wonderful evening, and rest well! x


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