Shock And Awe Even When I’ve Asked?…

S, a very, very dear friend of mine, commented on my blog just a few minutes ago, and instead of just accepting the compliment and going “Oh hey, thanks! There’ll be more soon!”, I found myself saying “Really? No need to be nice…

Like, really?
Are we that disenchanted with ourselves that even a simple comment about a BLOG is difficult to comprehend/process/digest? Sad times man, sad frigin times.

It makes me think of other times when I’ve been given a compliment; the infamous “I love you more” war, random compliments from strangers about apparel or visage, friendly compliments from (duh) friends/family.

I once had someone compliment my braces (which I had from the age of 14 to 18) and the colours I had chosen for the little elastic bands, and what came out of my metal mouth?
“Oh thanks, but seriously, you should have seen my teeth before this, period.”

What the HELL….

Had someone compliment me on my sweater. First thing out of my mouth?
“Oh this thing? Oh god, Frenchy’s buy all the way. I had to take it home and wash it immediately for fear of scabies.”


So, with that in mind, I have more hilarious stories, but I needed to get that out, even if just so she can read it and weep with laughter at how…. retarded I am… hahaha.

Here’s to you, S. and your compliment with I rudely shoved back in your face.
Love you!


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