Just One Of Those Days, I Guess…

Hello dearies,

This is going to be a post full of nonsense, silliness, and far more giggles on my end than on yours, I’m sure.
Today, has been a bit of a day.
I’ve barely been able to speak, let alone see M lately. He’s been super busy, as have I. It makes my heart hurt, in general because I am just so smitten with him. So in love.

I had the tragic luck to have horrid dreams last night which caused me to lash out angrily at my soon to be ex husband, which brought tears and anger and a still broken heart all to the surface. Gah.
Not so great.

I had a very picky brain ninja creep into my head and talk to me about relationships, M, and all things involving my life. It caused me to doubt just about everything that I’ve built up about myself over the last few weeks.

There was a point to some of it, but it mainly just caused me to doubt.

I am now here at work, typing this out, because I miss blogging sometimes; online diary that everyone can see, which holds you accountable for things and such. it can be fun, but dangerous. Tonight should be interesting, we’re quite busy, being Superbowl Sunday. Oh joy.

I have recently started reading a new blog,
And oh my goodness guys, I read it at work, and at home, or in transit out and about, and it has had me laughing SO HARD, and SO suddenly, that I’ve startled both myself and those around me.
It’s frikin HILARIOUS.

I suggest you all take a look at it, because this guy is a frikin genius. I adore he, his stories and his drawings. Hysterical.

I have been reading it at work this evening, between reports and calls, and it’s had me in hysterics, to the point where I’ve almost called customers or answered the phone, laughing.
It’s terrible, but SO GREAT. It’s made my night so much better.

I’m working even later tonight, til 1am, when I was supposed to get off work at 1130pm.

I don’t mind, I need to make up some hours due to me having to call off last week for a few days, but that’s okay. I’ll make them up here and there and be all the better for it! Dundundun!!

I feel so silly tonight. No need to really, I’m not hyper, I haven’t had much tea, and I am starving. I have some pizza from last night that I have to look forward to on my lunch, which is shortly, yay.
I can’t wait for it.

This autosave thing on wordpress is frekaing me out. it saves the draft randomly every few seconds and it really wiggs me out by refreshing the entire page. some of my words are getting mixed up and moved halfway down the page or in the middle of the post; please don’t be upset if some of this post doesn’t make any sense.

I can’t wait to go to Robin’s after work tonight; always geeking out and watching the best shows.
Not to mention some other recreational things, which makes me laugh so hard. Anyway, I can’t wait.
It’ll be soooo fun.

I don’t know why, but the idea of being able to write a blog pos, and read these hysterical websites at work, makes everything a little easier to handle at work. Reading my Kobo Glo is amazing, and I love reading at work, but when we’re busy it’s actually a task to put it down and then move onto the screen I need to work on and such.

It’s weird. I enjoy being digitally immersed while here because then it takes my mind off of the silly little things that bother me.

After reading Adam’s blog, it makes me wanna talk about these hysterical little things in my past, like childhood things that have really made me laugh, or terrified me, and can now look back on it and laugh, or share without hassle haha.

Like halloween stories, school stories, hysterical drunken nights out, random food tastings, etc. I think lots of people, any of you that read my blog, would laugh at, or follow along and go “Noooo way!!”.

So yeah,
I think I will have to work on that shortly, and really go into detail to explain everything that went on, and all the tragic happinesse that ensued. Basically, I’ll be subjecting to you, without drawings or comics, my embarrassing stories, for amusement and …. yeah.. laughs.
I’ve been told I’m hysterical and very…. expressive, so let’s put that to the test yeah?

Sure, why not.

For now, I am going to wrap this up, because it’s almost time for my lunch, and I want that pizza, and to go outside for some fresh air.

I shall be seeing you soon lovies.
Blessed be with love and light xx


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