“It’s So Cool To Smoke”…

I remember when I was little.
In stature and weight, haha, and was going to Harry R Hamilton school in Lower Sackville.
(The fact that I have admitted to living in Lower Sackville at one time in my life, is embarrassing enough….)

Funny enough, I actually work with a guy that I knew and was super good friends with there, now. I recognized him as soon as I got here and started working here. He recognized me too and now we’re slowly becoming good friends again.
Anyway, I disgress.

When I went to this school, there were huge football fields and baseball diamonds at the back by the massive (or seemingly massive at the time) forest; a bunch of my friends and I used to get those little PopEye sugar sticks… BAD IDEA as it was, and pretended to smoke them.
We thought it was so cool, so distinguished, and spoke with hoity-toity accents and such – it was great.

Now that I’ve had the chance to smoke, and had done so for a little over a year, and sometimes still do depending on the situation socially, I can tell you… there’s nothing cool about smoking. I don’t know why we did that, and to this day, it boggles my mind.

It was always so glamorous in the films, stupidly. And even now, you rarely see someone smoking without comments being made.

Anyway, I digress again. Grrrr.

It always makes me laugh now, to see kids in a schoolyard or something, pretending to smoke when it’s cold out, and watching their breath puff out. Sad times haha.

I digress again, which is frustrating, but being at work can be difficult and busy.
How dare that happen…. HA.

I should probably leave off here for a few minutes, until I can find something else to write about.

xxxxx hopefully you can relate to the things I have said.


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