Why Not, Eh?…

Yup. Bitches. And. Money. Booya.


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It’s Beyond Lovely…

I’m loving the weather today. For the first time in many months, it’s almost 10 degrees and sunny. I’m so enamored. I want to sit outside and read for hours, which I may very well be able to do if M and I can sort out what’s going on for his birthday today.

I got a huge thank you for being the first one to wish him a happy birthday at exactly midnight, which was very cute. And he enjoyed the letter I wrote up for him. He’s in denial about the fact I bought him a gift though, so when he’s ready for it, I’ll be able to give it to him.

He’s still at work, finishing up some sort of MOT thing then he’ll be off. He’s planning on going out for drinks with his mates but we’re not quite sure when that will be and I’m not sure if I’m able to go out, despite it being my day off, as I have to be up at 530am tomorrow morning to work 730-330.

So we’ll see.

It’s probably a bad idea to be reading the book I’m currently invested in; it’s an erotic novel that I stumbled across and wanted to check out. Well after last night’s dreams, M’s requests and just me being me…. I’m ready to pounce over this book, ._.

I still have to wonder where the huge spike in views came from the other day. 163 in total, 7 overall visitors, 23.39 views per visitor, with a total of 150 originating in said Land of Deadly Everythings; Australia.

Meh, doesn’t bother me, just piques my interest.

I’ll wrap this up, given that I keep stopping just to read this hugely erotic novel, haha.

I’m sure I’ll be back later.

So Begins The Hysterics…

Alright, dear readers, here comes over an hour of edits and decisions.
If these don’t make you smile even the slightest, well… fuck off then. :p


And don’t forget to check out both S and Z!

Female R and I

Female R and I

Z and I being as mature as we are....

Z and I being as mature as we are….

The message he sent me while at work...

The message he sent me while at work…

The message I sent him back... Point proven.

The message I sent him back… Point proven.

Read and giggle / S and I...

Read and giggle / S and I…

Keep going lol

Keep going lol



We're obviously out of our minds...

We’re obviously out of our minds…

S and I, about her vacation

S and I, about her vacation

Z and I again

You can find him here – http://www.zackthelad.wordpress.com

M and I. It's just so cute to miss; Damn WhatsApp cause his BBM expired until Friday...

M and I. It’s just so cute to miss; Damn WhatsApp cause his BBM expired until Friday…

Yup...I went there. It just had to happen. Might as well be honest about it....

Yup…I went there. It just had to happen. Might as well be honest about it….

I Have The Most Adorable Boyfriend Ever…

I spent my break on the phone with M; he’s at work too even though he’s supposed to be on his vacation!! But, alas, he’s just too damn good to be gone for a full week and a half without them begging him to come in and finish up car jobs.

I love him dearly.

He’s clearly the most adorable boyfriend ever, because even though I didn’t get to spend the night with him last night, he told me that he slept so well, because he felt me around him all night and that he enjoyed using me as a pillow. He’s so adorable. It made me squee.

He also called me Missus, and I retorted, “Excuse you, I’m not married anymore.”
To which he replied, “But you will be.”
To which I squeed internally, and squeaked out, “Is that your round-about way of telling me you’re going to marry me?”
And his instant reply was “Yes. And don’t squee.”

I laughed so hard that I didn’t even have the breath to squee, but then I quickly regained my senses and uttered a few squees. Then we laughed and went about our regular things we say, like playing the “I love you more” war. To which, he says he always wins, but in my own little world, if I think I love him more, then so be it.

Goodness I love this man.
Everything I ever wanted. And more. Which kind of scares me sometimes, but that’s okay – it’s a good scary/thrilling feeling 😀

So now, I’ll be off work, and he’ll be off work, though he may go to play some footy, because he’s british and that’s what they do regardless of what country they’re in, and he’s gonna be all mine.
What am I saying?
“I’m already yours. You’ve got me forever.” As he likes to tell me, quite often.

Alright, I’m so red in the face, and my heart is racing like I’ve just finished running the 5K Bluenose, so I should hush.

I just had to get all of that out, it’s just so effing cute. 😀

In other news, I am thinking of casting circle properly tonight, since I have the night off, and if I have that spare time while M’s off doing his footy thing. It would be nice to sit outside and reconnect.
Granted there’s a very large amount of snow, so I’d have to don the boots again and bundle up, but we’ll see.

I can’t wait until midnight either, so I can type out this massive letter type thing I wrote out for M, as his birthday is tomorrow.

This is mostly because there’s a small chance I’ll be with him at midnight exactly, so yeah. It will make his heart explode, even though he said he doesn’t want anything from me outside of me and a happy birthday.

Well, that’s just too bad isn’t it?

I just realized that this keeps looping back around to M. My bad. I just can’t stop, sorry.

No, I will not say sorry.
I am disgustingly in love, haha, and I am enjoying every second of it.
Especially when I wind up 5 mins late from my break because he just won’t stop thinking of things to talk to me about, and straight up tells me that he doesn’t want to let me go, even though we BOTH have to get back to work.

It’s just so @$*@#%(&%*@#(@&*% adorable.

In totally other news,
I heard back from S and Z, and they’ve both given me permission to use those screenshots; I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to modify them in anyway so as not to give their full names, because that’s creepy and I don’t wanna do that. So yay, artistic skills to the rescue for that. I’ll have fun blogging tonight, as long as I’m not being smothered in kisses by M…
LOL, see? Back to him.

Alright, I’m done.
Hope you’re having a day that is as wonderful as most of you are 😉

Hysterics At Work…

Between Z and S, I have been in complete hysterics all day.
With their permission I am going to post some screenshots taken from today.

They’re hilarious, and probably only to us, but man on man, I need to post the screenshots in one huge post, each with their own commentary, because I have been chuckling non-stop since I woke up at 6am because of Z (the laughing, not the waking up), and since S got up around 9.

Busting a gut, thoroughly, and I just have to have it saved somewhere else but my phone. It’s too…. it’s just too good.

Now I have to get them to read this, since I’m at work and can’t exactly be texting to get their permission!!

Can’t Lie…

Good morning everyone!

It’s a beautiful morning; sun is shining bright, it’s crisp and refreshing, again!; people seem to be absolutely crazy but at least we’re all laughing, right?….. ._.

I checked my stats on my blog when I got into work, and see that it had been completely destroyed yesterday, with well over 100 views; many of them…. MANY OF THEM, originating from the Land of Deadly Everythings, known as Australia.

How wonderful of the Aussie visitors to view my blog 23.39 times per visit!

Anyway, moving along.

I hate cramps ._.
They drive me batty, haha. Don’t judge.
It happens.

I can’t wait for my first break, because I want to be outside, it’s so lovely out. The air in here is kind of stuffy, so it’s causing the remnants of my sicky head cold to rear it’s ever ugly and stuffy head. I have fishermans’ friend lozenges, tea and a 2L bottle of water though! So yay!! TACKLE THAT STUFF!!

I don’t have a whole lot to really talk about today, other than the fact I had a wonderful night.

Homemade burgers courtesy of the family, some time spent with my beloved M, which made my night absolutely complete.
I am going to be the world’s biggest sook right now; I love that even when I can’t spend nights with him, he acts like we are, that we’re curling up in bed together and such.
I told him I wouldn’t leave his arms if he didn’t leave mine, and his immediate answer was that he’s not going anywhere. Something that he tells me often, that he’s never leaving, he’s not going anywhere. It’s so endearing, that even over texts for the nights we can’t truly spend together, he states it all as if he’s right here beside me 🙂
So lovely.

Anyway, big sook moment is over with. My bad, haha.

I am so happy that I rearranged my bedroom the other night, Sunday night, because since then, I’ve been comfy and open in my room, feeling less cramped and suffocated; I slept really well Sunday night, like so well it surprised me, but last night was different 😦 I am not quite sure why, perhaps I was too warm, or dreading waking up so early for work, but I didn’t sleep very well. It was very frustrating. I have tomorrow off, for M’s birthday, although I’m not sure if we have any plans; regardless, it will be nice to sleep in, or even just get up at the regular time and have a wonderfully productive day. Like getting a bunch of laundry done, getting things sorted for the clothes I need to get rid of since I’ve been getting new clothes like crazy with mother.

Who knows, only tomorrow and time will tell!! dundundun!

I have a tonne of ePub books I need to load on my Kobo too! Which, unfortunately, I forgot at home again.
We’re fairly busy at work though so I wouldn’t be able to read much as it is.

Only doing this between calls and downtime.

Anyway, I should wrap this up, thinking of it, because I am doing some reading of some other blogs, to keep my mind busy.

I did enjoy the full moon last night though, before I leave.
It was beautiful. So full, so BRIGHT. I loved it. The energy coming off Her was amazing. Took some incense outside and stuck it in the snow, asked some personal questions and hopes, putting things out into the Universe. With enough willpower and my beloved Cernunnos, as well as my lover M, I think it will turn out the way it needs to 🙂
Happy days, eh?

Have a wonderful day, dear ones.
I’m sure I’ll update soon.