To do some quic…

To do some quick plugs;


There, those are done 🙂 


I don’t quite understand why it is that I go so long without blogging; it’s such a bug and is so thrilling at times. 

Writing when needed and burning of papers, etc, they’re wonderful but to have a blog with an open and interactive comment section is quite cool as well. 


It doesn’t take long for these thoughts to come to my head nor to want to get them out. 


I just heard some thunder again. I am so excited. It seems the humidity, the warmth and the cool breezes are really battling it out in the skies. It’s so beautiful as well. The sunset is simply astounding. I may have to show you a picture. Or I will leave it to your imagination. That is probably better so that you can do your own connecting. 


Blogging buddy. Anyone want one? Anyone hear of one?

Oooo, more thunder. How thrilling. 


I had a shower earlier, but it was still so, so warm, so I kept sweating, and even now it’s warm and sweaty and blech. 


May have to have one later as well. 


I can’t quite think of anything else to say, and I need to focus on other things right now. 

I hope you have a good evening, and enjoy me being back; if not… uh… tough. 





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