A Blog Is A Blog…

This is ridiculous. I am a Wiccan high Priestess. I am a Goddess in my own right, in my circle and others. I am a massively powerful Celtic witch with thousands of years of experience, memories and energy. 

Cernunnos and the Goddess protect and guide me always; why is it that I am being suffocated and squelched by a woman who is currently in Karmic grasp? 
I have been so absent because I have been very busy with work and family. I apologize. It’s been far too long and I am unable to hold anything in anymore. 
First off – 
A BLOG ; A place where someone is able to vent and splurge things on their mind without ridicule or over-judgement, due to the things being said taken as a point of view, as one persons’ view of events. 
When I have ever said something, it does not mean that it is absolute truth, it is only my version of the story, my version of events; how I remember things, how I know things. 
Do I feel that those things are correct? Often, yes. 
If you are feeling guilty and choose to lash out at me for those guilty feelings that were unearthed through my blog – that is your choice, those are your guilty feelings. I cannot help those, nor will I nurse your bruised ego back from the dead because you feel it is owed to you. 
My blog is a way for me to vent, because unfortunately journals don’t always do it for me. Typing is more of a release without having to go outside and burn papers in the fire to release all the bullshit. 
I have had to put a lot of my studies on hold, which is the worst; although in reality, we never stop learning, as it happens day in and day out. But my actual book studies, of practicing and delving, have been put on hold. Because of this, I feel so disconnected. Right back where I was when I first started this blog. 
I feel disconnected and lonely; hardly worth the time that Cernunnos and the Goddess offer me. Hardly worth the protection and guidance that they give me always. 
It is time to get my power back. Time to get my connection back. Time to sit outside and be apart of the earth. 
I’ve a feeling that a few certain people will be calling/texting/emailing me, to freak out about this post; as to why it revolves around them and why I would be so cruel to do so, to write it all out. 
Well, I caution them here – I have not mentioned any names, I have not mentioned any scenarios, nor have I included any reason why you would think it is about YOU, unless you are feeling guilty and this is attacking your conscious. 
In that case, I question as to why you are even calling me, when you should be evaluating your own feelings/actions. 
Do not call/text/email me about this post, if you think it is about you. Get over yourself. 
With all of that being said, I would like to move forward, and just connect. Spend this evening surrounded by good friends through text, good smells through oils and candles, and other things that make me happy. 
Perhaps I shall blog a little more as well? Maybe if you’re lucky 😉 
We had the most amazing thunderstorm earlier – it was so solid and present. Thunder for a couple of hours, flashes of delicate lightning, with hours of rain to boot. 
It cleared up the air for a little bit, but now it’s back to being muggy and heavy. It’s still wonderful but it’s not something I can be in without lots of wind, between bugs and a heat rash, I don’t much enjoy weather that pushes past 22 degrees Celsius ; remind me again why I’m moving to Australia next year? Oh right, so that my husband and I can have a permanent life together 🙂 
My nails were growing so nice and long about a week ago. And they’re all gone now because I can’t stop chewing on them. They were getting in the way a little bit, but more so from stress and lack of being able to do anything about it just yet.
I should probably go; don’t have much time left.
Blessed Be, readers – even if you don’t know she is there, or refuse to believe it, she is.
xo – Asa 

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