Celtic Commandements…. <3

This is beyond beautiful. Moved me to tears.

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Haha awesome.
Posting from my iPhone and am loving taking all the pictures I am with my beloved Instagram.
Anything with a T on it, in it.
Anything that isn’t already a sign but natures T.

I’ve submitted a bunch and to be honest don’t even know why it’s running or what any prizes are, but it is fun 🙂

Anyway, I’m just relaxing here in the sun and loving all that nature has to provide me :3

Goddess you are good aren’t you? Yes. Most definitely.

I’m out for now. Just wanted to give a little quick shout-out.

Also, keep checking out http://www.megantrennett.com 🙂


Waking at 430 in the morning, stiff as a board, with the horrid need to pee, is one of the worst feelings ever.

I am now wide awake and dreading having to work or anything of that nature.
Being exhausted is just so blah.

I don’t exactly have much to say; other than the fact that my sleep was amazing, after silently asking Cernunnos to watch over me and the Goddess to hold me in her arms as I sleep, allowing me the utmost comfort. Didn’t move all night; woke in the same position I fell asleep in. Which would explain why I am all stiff and achy. No matter – was an amazing sleep that I am hoping to get more of because of this damn exhaustion thing.

I hope you’re all well.




I think I need to take a sleeping pill after and then just meditate before I sleep. 

What a way to connect and be lifted up and in by the Goddess and my Cernunnos. I can’t wait for that. It will be so nice, I’m sure, to feel them wrap around me, complete with my husband thinking of me and being entwined all around. 


I love it. I can’t wait. It’s making me almost giddy. 

I’m a little peckish, so I think I may get some Nutragrain bars from my bag. Nom. 


I’ve started a new blog, or rather an extension 😉 

It’s completely private and it will be filled with all of the things that I cannot openly say here; I shall keep my journals to myself and to rites/rituals. 

I like it. It will be nice to rant and rave to the extent that I need. 


Anyway, good night for now. 

Blessed be with much love and light