The Desperate Wish…

To tell someone who refuses to help themselves, that you just don’t give a shit. 

Names will not be mentioned, nor circumstances, but I have a very difficult time handling situations where someone has come to me for help and then turns down every offer I’ve made, or every lick of advice I’ve given. 

I realize that in only a few scenarios, I have done that, because I was thinking irrationally at the time, however when you post something on Facebook and Twitter, that is saying you’re up for anything (relationship wise, job wise, plan wise for weekends or something) and someone has gone out of their way to make sure that you have options and support, to turn around and say “Nope. Can’t do that”, and then come up with excuses left, right and center as to why?; then you can get stuffed. I am not wasting precious hours of my day, be they at work or home, arguing with someone who refuses to help themselves, suck it up, and do what needs to be done to figure the situation out. End of story. 

My sympathy stops there, my dears. I will say that I am sorry to hear about your situation, and wish that I could make it not so; when you turn into a lummox and start pressing all of your problems on me, yet still turning away everything that I have given – we’re done here. I can’t be arsed, because you can’t either. 

I have enough on my plate to feed a third world country, I will not take on the concerns of those who aren’t even willing to help themselves. Your piety means nothing to me, when it’s all for yourself. 

Don’t be so foolish.

And no, I will not light candles for you in the ways you are asking, I will light them for your motivation and understanding of what needs to be done; not so that you’ll suddenly get your dream job, or be able to sit on your ass with EI flowing in, or that the guy/girl you love will fall for you, or the plans won’t fall through.

No. That’s not how it works, sorry to say. Don’t even begin to insult me by asking for spells, incantations, or candles for the fact you’re too lazy to be an adult. /rant 


So, today should be fun! 🙂 I love my job, I love the people I work with, I’ll be reading the whole way into work, and most of the night as long as we’re slow, because I so want to get through that book. 

I’ll have my big bottle of Fiji water, a big mug from work that we received yesterday for free full of herbal loose tea, and my books along with my Journal to Blog journal. 

I’m hoping to finish The Pillars of the Earth soon, it’s very good. It’s also stogged full of all sorts of twists, ties and information. It’s mind-boggling. I want to finish it if for no other reason than to figure out what else is going on!!!


Anyway, I’m looking at the time, and I am running late for things that I need to do this morning. Had to leave the husband hanging through text conversation this morning because of these things, and now I’m running late to doing them! Ugh! 


I will write as soon as I can, and will hopefully have something more thoroughly thought out to transfer from pen & paper, to blog. This was an on the fly post, no journal entry, nothing, just me opening up the post and going. 


Be well, with love and light. 





2 comments on “The Desperate Wish…

  1. faelune says:

    I hear ya on this. My own sister pulled that on me, and after her asking and asking, and then ignoring what I said, she went and screwed up her life. I just couldn’t deal with the drama, so other than randomly seeing her at work, I don’t see her, and it makes me sad I won’t know my nephew, but she’s a big girl and these are the choices she made. – the person who wants to live off EI should realize it only lasts 40 weeks, its normally less than what you make at your job, and they’re looking at making it harder to collect for the people who need it, because of people like them

    • ryanneasa says:

      Oh I know, it’s so damn foolish; the whole gamut. And those that even do qualify for the 40 weeks of it!; and well choosing to after a certain situation (have a child is one thing) altogether…. Yeah, right. NO sympathy for you. Doing it to yourself.
      (Using those globally of course)

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