New Chapter, New Leaf.

Ironically, one of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was so that I could write for years, and more environmentally aware. No paper waste, no ink waste and years of supply and resources. 

Yet I find myself still writing in journals and enjoying the constant feel of pen on paper. Funny. You can ever truly replace ink to paper. For me, any way. 

I enjoy writing at work, with the ability to move forward into my blog or to send to someone. It’s amusing and fun. Gives options. I don’t really have a whole to talk about to be honest. I’m just here writing whatever comes to my head. 

I’m still madly in love with my job! We’re a little busy tonight and over very silly reasons, but I’m excited. It should make the day go by faster! 

**There comes a time when you roll up your sleeves and put yourself at the top of your commitment list. – Marian Wright Edelman**

I’m excited for payday this week! I’ve got everything, including gifts for my grandmother and mother, budgeted. *Side note – in Canada at least, May 13th, 2012, is mother’s day!*

I’ve got some awesome plans for le mudda! Perhaps some flowers, and candies in a vase all pretty like, and a card. Hopefully she doesn’t read this, otherwise my plans are shot! If you read this, Mum, ACT SURPRISED! 

I’ll be getting a card for a few people at work, because I know that it will be a thing to expect from their own kids, and I appreciate them so as much friends so.. right on. It shall be an awesome Friday and weekend! 

I’ve got a friend at work who is going to trade books off with me while I trade with him! Woo! I love books! I still love my Kobo, however I still adore my books. Much like the journal. 

I’m attempting a personal goal this week – cutting back on things I do not need! Hopefully it will go well!

I think I am going to stop asking people how they’re doing, altogether. Because as much as sometimes I want to know, the snarky bullshit that comes with their answers, I don’t care for. Nor do I care that much to know that you are cranky, tired and about to slit someone’s throat. Just sayin’. 

**You are alive, and that is the only place you need to be to start. – Carrie Rainey**

So, in other news – I hope that it’s only Americans that get super-stupid phone crazy when new devices come out. Orders and stupidity seem to come in droves every so often and I find it to be completely uncalled for. 

Oh well, it is what keeps me gainfully employed! And oh boy the money is great. Especially since I’ve got everything all lined up and caught up! I am awesome. 

Speaking of ridiculous customers….Holy balls. 

I won’t be going into detail, but I had a few people pass by my desk and ask if I am okay because my face was so red; must’ve been bad considering I got sunburned yesterday (Sunday). So if it was worse than that, whoa buddy. 

Sorry, had to add that as a side note as I remembered it in a flash. 


My mind is actually drawing a bit of a blank right now. It’s odd! Doesn’t happen often eh? Bizarre! 

Now I’m just being silly. Overall. Ha. 

Oh my! I should take a break and get some tea!!


Alright, roughly 30 minutes later, I’ve returned with Earl Grey Green Tea. I’m trying to remind myself of all the things I need to do in the morning; Laundry, clean the kitchen and replace some stuff around the place. 

That will have to be my workout because I won’t have time for anything else. I could run on the treadmill but if the renovators are still at the bathroom then I’ll be screwed. 

**I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know that it would be today. – Narihara**

I may have to talk to a friend of mine to see if I can shower there after work. 

(Keep in mind here, that I am writing at work and transferring after, so chances are, as you’re reading this I’ve already showered and gotten comfy in bed. My readers above all should know that I like to keep the timeline real!)

******Update : was  not able to shower there. Will take a shower at our bathroom since it appears to be all finished!!****** 

I feel a little lax in my faith. I’m still a witch, that’s not something you can just remove or shrug off; however I’ve been lax. I’ve not had the energy or the time to cast during full moons or the most recent of our passed holidays. It’s upsetting. 

Granted, I still stand outside and give shoutouts to my respective Deities and our Great Mother Goddess altogether, but it’s not the same as all the feelings, emotions and magick swirling around circle. 

It’s also difficult to see the magick that is in everything. I know that it is there and can feel that it is, but it used to fill my mind, aware and unawares. Now I have to remind myself daily that the Fae, the magick and the mystery is still around. 

How sad, eh? Oh my. I’m wondering if I should just wait til the laundry is done tomorrow to call my neighbour and ask to come over to use her shower. It’s almost finished, if not completely, but if they do need to arrive to gag about the finishing, I don’t know if I can grab the shower, as they’ll tell me that I am standing in the way of progress. Ugh. I’ll make the decision later. I’ll see what the friend has to say, if it would be a huge imposition tonight. ******update : again, couldn’t. Will shower tomorrow******


**Tomorrow was invented to give you a fresh start on whatever doesn’t go well today. – Elizabeth David**


I’m looking back at this, all this writing, and wondering how long this post is going to be; I’m writing on page 8 of my notebook. Then again, printed works are never as grand and awesome as the actual laboured penmanship!


Alright, on that note, I should close. I’ve 3 hours until I leave work and desperately want to continue reading The Pillars of the Earth. It’s a hauntingly good read, albeit long, heartwrenching and a tad confusing when starting a new chapter. Must get through it to discover all it has to offer!!


Blessed Be, with much love and light! 



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