So Utterly Exhausted

I’m so tired. I can’t believe how horribly I’ve been sleeping lately. I’ve got so many things that I want to do during the weekend and it’s causing me to slip away from sleep. Ugh.

It’s back to work today, although the ability to call off so I can just sleep is very taunting. However I shant, because I need money. Regardless, I’m exhausted and need more tea I think. I am trying desperately to not nap before work, because whenever you nap in the morning before something like work, you always feel 100x worse than what you did before. So I’m forcing myself to stay up. Almost wondering if having my window open might wake me because there is a breeze, judging by the wind in the trees.

Hmmmm. I’d do yoga, but it would make me fall asleep afterwards. Oh well.

Hope you’re having an amazing Monday!
Blessed be with love and light ❤



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