Weekend Of The Ages

I’ve had a blast this weekend. Normally I go to mum’s over the weekend, which is also a blast; this weekend however, I’ve just been relaxing, catching up on some things and such. It’s been fun. 

Went out and about with Nick yesterday, that was fun, and hilarious. Then today, we went to Shubie Park, because I didn’t really want to be stuck at his place. We walked for almost 2 hours straight, over many inclines and down lots of steep hills. It was so much fun that we decided we’re going to go walking, almost 3k, every Saturday! I can’t wait. It seems like quite the adventure! 

Our bathroom renovations should be finished soon too, so that I can resume all my workout regimes again! 🙂 I did so well with losing 13 lbs and have had to put it on hold until they’re finished. 


Brightest Blessings! 


I don’t have lots to say, as I am just writing to update. I hope you have all had an amazing weekend!!!! 🙂 ❤ 


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