Buckle In


Indeed, buckle in. 

I’ve a bit more to expand on from my earlier post today. About the need to think positively. I’ve a few quotes that I feel the need to share with you and I can only hope they will enter your mind with the same resounding effect. 

If the infinite had not desired man to be wise, they would not have bestowed upon him the faculty of knowing.” – Manly P. Hall. 
How true is this; rhetorically I ask, of course an answer will not be given here. We’re all aware of it.

I struggle with it myself, sometimes daily, to always think in the light: positively, surrounding myself with much needed happy energy. We all do. We are human, therefore flawed. Yet, we are god-like. Our minds are vast, and within that have more than enough ability to provide our own levels of happiness. 

The Ancients already knew many of the scientific truths we are only now rediscovering. Within a matter of years, modern man will be forced to accept what it is now unthinkable: our minds can generate energy capable of -transforming- physical matter. Particles react to our thoughts….which means our -thoughts- have the power to change the world. If -thoughts- affect the world, then we must be very careful -how- we think. Destructive thoughts have influence too, and we all know it’s far easier to destroy than it is to create.” – Katherine Solomon : The Lost Symbol / Dan Brown. 

With all of that being said, I want to politely ram it down the throats of those that repeatedly bring drama to my doorstep; I take fault in allowing it past the threshold, strictly for the fact that I wonder all the more past the drama that if I were to turn it away, I would be faced with the drama in how I work with some of these drama fusspots. To turn away something potentially small on the D-scale for me, would also potentially turn it around to 100x more than what it was to begin with.

-However-, I grow horribly weary of those that not only invite others drama and bring it to me, but those that blatantly create it, seemingly from nothing, to then bring it to me. 

If our friendship consists of nothing but drama; no common ground, no hobbies, or shared interests, then please, do yourself a favour, and kindly remove all aspects of you from my life – otherwise I will do it myself, in a way you’ll probably never forget; or choose not to forget. 

I realize that my words are harsh and sound of a threat, but I assure you I am looking after myself because no one else will do it for me; don’t expect to fall into that situation – something will be dealt back to you if you do, it’s just how it seems to work. 

So, reflecting, in both the short and long run, is it worth it to be a sniveling turd who creates your own drama just to see if someone else will cradle you through your concern? More than likely not, as those of us who’ve risen above the foolishness and are looking t move past the times they used to dwell, will not take long in their decision to leave you in the dust. 

I’m getting to that point. Very quickly.

I want to have my own pre-approved friends that I’m used to; drama and bullshit included as I know that I’ve handled it before and helped deal with. Inviting new people in is fun and exciting but unfortunately, I attract the maniacal lunatic crazies and all their drama, so in doing so get shit on profusely when they get the hint that I want nothing to do with them once they’ve absurdly brought drama to my door within a matter of days upon invitation. 

All of -that- being said, I truly wish that all of the people who do these things, above and beyond my own task list I keep for them and their drama, would take a step back and open their eyes to the power and learned behavior of positive thinking, of just being happy by choice, not circumstance. 

For goodness sake, a lot of family and friends are located elsewhere in this world, including my husband of almost 3 years. 
Do I sit and mope and cry? No. Do I use it as a card to play whenever someone asks me how I am doing? No.

I am doing very well and keep very happy; because I choose to!

End of story.

So buck up, shit happens and it’s called LIFE. Roll with the damn waves or drown.

After all, it’s YOUR choice.  


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