Being Positive. Is It Really All That Difficult?

Recently, I have invited a few extra people into my life. I am beginning to wonder if that was a good idea, despite knowing that the Goddess has these plans set out for me, and holding me along the way. 

I find myself growing tired of the drama, and growing weary as if they are sucking the life out of me. I try so hard to be positive with them, all the time, because I don’t want them to be depressed and keep bringing it all into my life and on my doorstep, and they seem to just disregard it completely. I can’t stand it any longer. 

And the sad part is, that’s only been existent in my life for the past couple of weeks; it’s been enough to drive me to the edge of not wanting to be associated with them whatsoever. My efforts are all for naught. 

How in the hell do we manage to be positive? How do we manage to get the point across? 

I truly don’t understand how I can do this, day in and day out, when they aren’t willing to help themselves. They’re constantly talking to me about how they want to do things for the better, yet turn around and do the opposite, or just stand in their own way. It drives me crazy. 

It makes me want to become a hermit. Not offer advice even when it’s asked of me. Not be a friend, even though it’s asked of me. Anything. It’s so damn frustrating. 

Ugh. Renovators are here. Had the house to myself all morning, and they’re  here as I’m trying to get ready for work. Can’t write anymore, I’m too distracted. I need to bring my book to work with me, and another for when I finish. I read almost 500 pages of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown last night. It is amazing. Can’t put it down. So I will need to root through another one of my intense books to bring with so that I can read more at work tonight once I finish it. I will probably finish The Lost Symbol on the way to work. 

Alright, must go. 

Ciao for now, my readers. 

Be happy, it’s Thursday. Walk in love and light with the Lord and Lady xxx

Brightest Blessings. 



One comment on “Being Positive. Is It Really All That Difficult?

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