A Desperate Need To Connect

For the last couple of weeks, almost a month now, I have been itching to connect to my Cernunnos and my Goddess; which as I can update, is just the Mother Goddess herself. I tried to connect fully to Danu, so that I could have a name to it all, but for some reason, there just isn’t an overall immediate love and longing. The Mother Goddess does that for me. If I need to call upon a Goddess in circle, I can use any of them pertaining to the situation, or Danu for overall what-ever. 

I don’t understand why it happened like that, but I meditated for months, upon months, and went into circle with it; our Mother Goddess is just the One for me 😉 

Cernunnos is my God, he’s just so amazing, so much of my husband, and vice versa; amazing in all that he is. 

My sister Fae was going to cast circle last night – asked her to give me a quick shout out, she said sure. Before I was finished up work, I asked if she and her hubby had managed to get it done. Things went a little wrong – just wasn’t supposed to happen I guess. Unfortunate because I know she was so looking forward to it now that they are back in their old place, with all the open air, space and nature directly at their fingertips. To be fully connected, at all times. 

I wish I had that here. We have a wonderfully big backyard, and front yard, and lots of brush, trees and such. I just find that because it’s the city, we have neighbours behind us, and to our sides, so unfortunately, unless I’m doing anything in the dark, people can overlook and tend to raise some concerns to the surrounding area. It’s hardly like I’m sacrificing *rolls eyes*, but it doesn’t always look the greatest in this day and age (ironically) when a woman is dressed in a large green celtic/medieval gown, skipping with incense and candles, whispering around, etc. I just find that it tends not to go over so well when people notice. 

So… Yeah. I love our area, but I don’t have the opportunity to completely connect or unleash with my deities in fullblown nature. 

I need to get it done, through meditation and air and just… being me; out and about while I can, etc. 

However, I find it difficult when there’s not much time, nor the opportunity. 

Oh well. I’ll figure something out. 


The conversation last night didn’t go so well at work, to have my shift changed from 330-12 to 9-530pm. I will have to ride out this bout before I go any further I suppose. Oh well 🙂 I enjoy what I have now, it’s  just an odd shift which makes it weird for me to actually go ahead and get my proper rest. Haha, oh well. 

I think when I head onto the bus again today, I will continue to bring my book – The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. It is amazing so far. Holy cow. 

I’ve decided to put the Kobo away for now, as I have so many paper books that I need to actually get through and either give to the library or bring into work for those to take as they wish. 

So after I’ve finished up The Lost Symbol, I’ll tackle any of the other 100+ books I have in my closet. Sweeeet. 🙂 


Alright, I need to make more tea and start getting things ready for workies. 

Sorry for the rambling, guys. Didn’t entirely mean to. Just went off a bit. 

Brightest Blessings, with love and light 🙂 xxxx




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