Once Upon A Time…

First off – I love this show, so much. Watch it. It is phenomenal. 

Secondly – have you ever been so exhausted that you just can’t stand to deal with anything? Whatsoever?  Where your physical body is great, feels so energetic, but  your mind and emotions feel so run amok, so desperately needing to chill out

Well that is me. The past week and a half have been so horrifyingly annoying, and so disgustingly shitstormy. I can’t believe I’ve made it through, really. In tact, in love, with smiles and satisfaction. 

My boss last week told me to take some time off, I turned him down, because I was doing the brave thing, and bravery would follow; however after this weekend, and after last night – I know that I need to have that time today and tomorrow. I need to have time to recoup. Especially because I get sick when I get overtired!! And the last thing I need is to get even more sick, when all I have  had lately is sickness because I’ve just not taken a break! 

So I’m going to just chill out for two days, with my bosses insistence, and hope that everything will just fall into place, that I will have the chance to mentally rearrange everything that I need to. 


I don’t even have that much to say – just that I have a plan, and I hope it works out the way I want it to. Vacation days are a wonderful thing, and my boss, even more so. 


Blessed Be with love and light, all. Take the time needed to be happy and rested.