Public, Private, or Chosen?

I know that I have mentioned this before, and wondering whether or not it should happen, but as of late, I have things that I would like to get off my chest without having to worry about the things that others need to say. Literally just to use this as a journal.

Like I said, I often think this. I enjoy the actual act of writing, but there is something more permanent, more… there, about writing online; mostly because once it’s there, you can’t ever really get rid of it. Whereas in a book, you can burn it, which I’ve done before, or get rid of it another way. Online… I don’t know – there is a cool atmosphere about it and a bit of a flow that doesn’t seem to take place in my journals. I really don’t understand it.

However, all of that being said, I wonder what it would be like to cut off my thoughts from those that care, or have some thoughts of their own in regards to mine. Like my Witch Sister Fae, and London, as well as a few others that make themselves known. And then to think that it would all go away, unless they have an account, or the password that is protecting the file in and of itself. So I am conflicted. Hugely. I have so many things that I want to say, and get off my chest – INPUT PLEASE!





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