It’s Been So Long

I do apologize. 

I have missed writing. Especially since I took the time to write in my journal last night. I dislike being cooped up into my head. I wrote in my journal last night and this morning, and for some reason it didn’t help. I thought taking myself offline and out of any sort of light, would stop me from being so negative. Instead of I’ve shielded and protected constantly and have made some awesome little changes in my life, and to my thoughts, etc, so I have come a long way. I will be more active I think. 


It would be nice. To talk about faith still, about the days that have come and gone; the ones to come. How work is going, without going into too much detail of course, and other things. That I need to get out. 


First thing – I am so hoping that I can go to a day shift; I experienced it when I went into Escalations training at work and I couldn’t believe how easily I took to it, and embraced it. I never thought it would really work to my advantage, my self-esteem and my mental health. I’m very excited to talk to the boss at work to get that shift. Even if it takes a couple months because of the shift bids to come up. 


Anyways, I need to go really quickly. I need to get some tea and maybe some rice and such for a late lunch. I hope to write later as well; lots more that I need to get out. 

I hope you’re doing well, and I most certainly hope that my Witch Sister, Fae, knows that I am thinking about her, and the ring still buzzes on my finger. I am so excited to stash a bit of money away for the first weekend of June, roughly, so that I can head down to their place and cast Circle in their very missed yard that I remember so well; having just moved back into it a few weeks ago, as the Universe, in an odd way, brought their old place back into lives at full force when something happened. 

So, yay 🙂 

That being said, and an extra few minutes added against my tea, I need to go for a little bit. 

Love, light, and brightest blessings! xxxx



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