Love this, and couldn’ t have said it better, nor asked it better, myself.


Do you think of auras? Of goosebumps and fingers trailing down your arms? I do. That’s what true energy is. When I bask in the glow of the moon I become energized, with goosebumps trailing down my freckled arms (I may not be a full on red head, just streaked, but man do I freckle some days) . When I feel Asa, or anyone I’m connected to, I feel as though ghostly fingers are tracing patterns over my arms and back. The feeling is just so……magickal. I don’t see auras though, and I wish I could. I get a gut feeling about people, and most would call it intuition, but its more than that. I would almost say I feel their aura, but that just seems absurd.

Now, the colour of an aura does mean something. Here’s an excerpt from Silver’s Solitary Witch:

If the aura is clear and strong…

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