I Don’t Get Off ‘Til Seven…

Hello all. 

I am sorry for being so silent – had some personal and financial upset that lead me to go on a bit of a rampage haha. No, I’m joking, everything is fine, just been busy. 

How have you all been? Well, I hope. 🙂 

I’m a little upset, because I’ve had a few people crank off at me for who I am, what I believe in, and how/why it’s taken me so long to really come across the faith that means so much to me, and fits me so well. 

I guess it makes me wonder, because… I have seen people go their entire life and then be “saved” by their faith; entire life being misled or devoted to a certain religion/faith, well into their 60’s & 70’s. 

So at the age of 24, I am unsure as to why this is something that is bothering people, haha, truly.

To clear up any confusion, the path which I am following is that of a Druidic Witch. I believe in the Otherworld, I have since I was small. I see and know the Fae/Sidhe. I believe in the very essence of the Earth, with mother Goddess and our Lord Cernunnos. 

I am still trying to find the Goddess that I want to connect to. Cernunnos is my Lord, my beautiful God, but I do yearn for the same connection to the Goddess. 

I keep linking to Danu, but the last time I went into Circle I was unable to get a hold of her, so to speak. 

So I will continue to see if I will be going directly to her. 


I saw a picture today, a few actually, that gave me absolute goosebumps. I am going to save them now and post them in this post. I love it. 

I love being a Witch, I love being a Druid; it’s completing every part of me; my desire to heal, nurture, create and transform through Magick and thought – and nurturing my beliefs that I’ve had for so long but denied myself for fear of being ostracized.



Daily Affirmation: Today is a good day…. My strength and Magick comes from within. No one has the right to judge me or bring me down. I know She is by my side with Love and Light in Her Hand. I will be strong. I am loved. Today feel my Magick! Today is a good day!

My Magick Flows! — Lady Patti 
Lady Patti
Copyright © 03062012




So here we are, the end of the post; 

I will try and post more often, and from my phone, as I have been out and about and rather busy as of late. xxxx 

The email I had listed is no longer valid, I’ve changed my mind a bit on it, so I will be creating a different one to come to my phone. I will let you know. 

Take care, Blessed Be. 




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