I, I Feel So Alive…

I am positively vibrating, bouncing, with energy and excitement.

I was so tired earlier, after sending out white light and lots of positive wisps to a friend whose mother is ailing rapidly, and to a few other friends who could just use the extra oomph.

And yet somehow, I have managed to just get all this extra energy! It’s wonderful! I closed myself off for a little bit and just put a bunch of light back into myself, kind of recycled, if you will.


I have some plans tonight, I won’t really be sharing them a whole lot, just wanting to say that I wanna adhere to some things that I’ve got rolling around in my head! 🙂

Eeeee! how wonderful; it should make tomorrow even more awesome, as the others that share the house with me, and myself, are going out and about to visit some family members that I’ve not seen in a very long while.

I’m hoping to spend some time with the hubby in the morning before we head out, because he won’t exactly be able to come with, yay work.

I am really hoping that the entire weekend will be nice and calm, full of laughter and very open for me to be spiritual, get some chores done, and also get lots of energy swirling about the house.

I want this weekend to be completely immersed in my lifestyle, as I will be living everyday like this from now on; or rather, more so than I already have been – it will be nice to have the weekend to really iron out everything that I have been taking in and bringing out ❤ . How exciting!!


Anyway, I am not sure I have a whole lot more to say, I just had to write, and get it all out again! I’ll be sure to post out and about tomorrow if I get the urge, or if there are any beautiful sights to honour.

Blessed Be, wonderful blog and beautiful readers.




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