I’m Back…


The last few weeks since I stopped posting have been absolutely insane.

It’s been hectic and upsetting; devastating.


I’ve been massively sick, and I’ve had to put my beloved familiar down, as well as having to really delve deep into my soul, my wants, desires, and the things that make me happy, and help me understand.


I sat in Circle for quite a long time yesterday, and before then as well, just open and listening to Cernunnos; listening to anything that would come to me, with white light and love.


A few years ago, I started sifting through things, religions and faiths that really interested me; including one that has intrigued me from day one – another Celtic based one, from my past, and one that I believe I had before, in another life, or that it just came to me for a truth that it’s what I am meant to be, how I am meant to live.


In circle, I had Cernunnos tell me, express to me that I must delve so deep it hurts; until I feel raw, naked and powerless in the hands of faith, in order to really understand what I want out of my faith, to understand what it is that I care for, how I care for it.

He brought me all sorts of memories I had had, from the time I was 3 years old, to 6, and beyond.

I had double checked with some family members, those memories, and had them confirmed; and those memories, even at such a small age, makes me feel so blessed, as I knew things that many spend their whole lives searching the answers for – and had it dismissed at a very young age, as active imagination, and the need to make things up; despite that everyone likes to reassure us that children have a difficult time making up, or lying about lots of things, as it’s all real to us as it is.

So, I sat in circle for another little while longer, while making pricebooks for dad, and did the digging, the searching, and one word came to my mind, as it has before, many times, though I did choose to ignore it.


Afterwards, I went online, as looked through all my books on my Altar in my bedroom, and have been researching since. Barely got any sleep as I just kept reading and reading.

I cried many happy tears, and felt as though as I’ve fully embraced the true me – the faith, the true piece of who I am.

Celtic Druid.

I have an article, http://algnc.org/druid-beliefs-and-values/ that not only embodies everything that I think and feel, but also talks about things that I termed when I was 6 and younger, things that I saw, and said – at such a young age.

So to have all that jump out at me, online and in my books, made me feel so amazing.

I will be continuing my studies on this, because I feel whole again.

Please bear with me while I go through this journey, and I can still use this blog, despite the “Witch” term, because it’s still my journey 🙂

Thank you for all the views while I was gone, and the loyalty.

Blessed Be, you beautiful people.


Afterword – for those that do not want to open the secondary link, I am about to copy and paste the entire article into another post, so that you may stay on my blog and read it. xxxx

– Asa.

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