It’s a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday…

Wherever you happen to be right now.

Don’t forget to thank the Goddess for the blessing of this amazing day. Here, it is the most beautiful Saturday I’ve seen in this city in a long time. I feel overwhelmed and so blessed by our Mother Goddess for providing us this day. Through her, this blessing, has my heart swelling and my mind open, clear and inviting all things Her.

Be happy, open, and thankful wherever you are today, with all actions, thoughts and love flowing through Her.

Blessed Be 🙂


Love this, and couldn’ t have said it better, nor asked it better, myself.


Do you think of auras? Of goosebumps and fingers trailing down your arms? I do. That’s what true energy is. When I bask in the glow of the moon I become energized, with goosebumps trailing down my freckled arms (I may not be a full on red head, just streaked, but man do I freckle some days) . When I feel Asa, or anyone I’m connected to, I feel as though ghostly fingers are tracing patterns over my arms and back. The feeling is just so……magickal. I don’t see auras though, and I wish I could. I get a gut feeling about people, and most would call it intuition, but its more than that. I would almost say I feel their aura, but that just seems absurd.

Now, the colour of an aura does mean something. Here’s an excerpt from Silver’s Solitary Witch:

If the aura is clear and strong…

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