Some Things Never…

I’ve again been absent. I apologise.

I don’t really have an excuse, apart from having been distracted at work, and at home; Kobo is mostly to “blame” for that.

However, it never ceases to amaze that people are attempting to use a blog, public that it may be, to attack another person, namely me. It’s rather upsetting, and albeit I know who it is, it’s frustrating to know that I can’t even use this blog as an educational tool for those around me.

I may have to take a hiatus, for a time unknown, as I would like to be happy, and continue my studies, as well as escape into my reading on le Kobo (which I will be using with my studies soon), without suffering some sort of mental, magickal attack from someone who has a grudge against me, from someone who thinks I’m doing wrong, and/or from those that are upset/offended by the things I’ve done by both following my heart and path, which means changing my name (magickal) and following the views I’ve kept hidden.

I do apologise for the silence.

You’ll be made aware the second I continue on and feel comfortable enough to include.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.

Blessed be.

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