I should probably give a quick mention to my magickal name, if you will.

When I posted it, I did not reveal the actual name, be it full or true.

I have had many messages and feedback about it, people worried that somehow someone will take it and get very nasty, using it against me.

I will not be revealing my full magickal name on here, for truly, as much as I am keeping you abreast of my journey, it is not something that anyone should be knowing just yet. If at all.

If I do decide to reveal it, for whatever reason, I will be taking great steps to ensure that those who do use it against me have no way to follow through with their negative intent.

Anyway, I do apologize for the hype, because I was keeping you up to date with my journey, but for those that want to, can refer to me as RyanneAsa, or as strictly Asa. What I posted was a nice touch, of course, because it rings true, but it isn’t what I will be going by.


Thank you all for your concern, and fear not, I did not use the full magickal name by any means for a reason. Lesson learned the hard way a little bit ago.

Blessed Be, with much love and light.


One comment on “Clarification…

  1. faelune says:

    We just love you Asa, and don’t want to see past experiences repeat thenselves

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