I do apologize that I have been so absent,  my darlings.

I have a relatively good excuse… >.> I got my Kobo e-reader, as you saw, and I have been horribly addicted/obsessed with it!

I have been downloading books, and getting used to it, as well as trying to get the ePub/PDF formats of all the magickal books that I have, and ones that Mistress Fae is trying to send me.

I think, as I had said before, that if I can load those onto my Kobo, I will be able to do a bunch of studies, at once, without having to worry about bringing in this crazy large books, with very obvious Witchcraft signs on them. It’s obviously causing quite the stink at work with a couple very religious people, so I’ll be able to “hide” them away in my Kobo and still do my studies! 🙂

It makes sense to me… 🙂


So, again, I do apologize for being absent, I’m just so wrapped up in this Kobo and getting ready.

According to the Reading Life, since I had the book up and running, Saturday, Feb 4th, I have read 3 full size novels in 11.7 hours. Of course, I am reading another book, so the time frame of that has gone up a little bit, but still. I blew my mind a little bit when that happened. Ha.


So, in other news, magickal news, I did go into circle on Sunday, for a brief little bit; I had a pen and paper with me and waited to hear any names, or any reassurance for the name that has stuck with me for the past few months.


I heard the name. I said the name, and I wept. Silly, I know, but I wept.

During Ostara, March 20th-21st, I’ll be doing the first part of my initiation I think. I have lots of prepare for, so I will do my best, but I will be bringing my magickal name into effect, and my (already happened and there, but reiterated) desire and devotion to the Craft and path of Celtic magick. 🙂

Quite excited.


Shall you find out my name? Yes? No?

No? Okay. Nevermind.



It is, as I have pondered for a few months, meditated on for a few months, and really dug deep, then did some more digging because I wanted to be sure and do more homework and digging on behalf of my readers ❤

*drum rolls*

I have decided, especially with the ok from Circle, that my magickal name will be …

Asa Terre. 

Meaning – Healer/Light of the Earth 🙂

Anyway dearest reader, and blog, I must be off. It’s past 1pm and I need to start getting ready for work and my ride there!!

Blessed Be!! With lots of smiles!! 🙂



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