Put Your Head On My Shoulder…

I wrote this last night between 6pm and midnight; Take note that these things do not entirely apply anymore today, though you will receive an update once I return from the outings planned.


Back to writing at work! Sweet!

I had two new employees shadowing me about 2 hours ago. It was fun.

They were very attentive, but wanted to talk more about my faith then anything because the gentleman had noticed my pentacle pendant. I did have to tell them that it’s really not something we should be talking about at work, and then we continued with the training.

I’ve moved my desk around, so that I’m kiddy-cornering the far left corner. Quite excited about that, for now I’ll be able to focus more! Fabulous!


I’m still excited for the weekend because as much as I won’t be able to see my nan, or potentially get my e-reader, I now have lots of time to spend with my most wonderful husband, with those that reside in the house, and to really take advantage of being in the throes or our season to tidy, rearrange and continue to invite Brigid into our home. I’m going to see if I can make up for the lack of doing so on Imbolc, by following up on the weekend. It’s probably going to be hella cold, as it has been for the past few days, but that’s okay. I may be able to wing it with boots, sweats, and a jacket. Or clearing out my room so well that I could successfully finish all plans that I’ve got for it and my Altar.
We shall see!


You know what is just devastating? I’ve over a hundred books that I still need to read, and I can’t seem to get into any of them, or the 3 that I brought into work with me, OR the one that my desk neighbour lent me.

I do NOT get tired of books; it’s HEINOUS, BLASPHEMOUS.


I’m sitting here, looking at them with longing, feeling the need to hold them and devour their contents, but it just isn’t happening… Ugh! Makes me quite sad, really.

This night is dragging by just as slowly as last night, so to be able to lose myself in a book for a little bit would be awfully nice!

It probably doesn’t help that I feel desperate for tea. Or that I still have a bit of a headache, and would like to go home.

I’m still fairly certain of my new Magickal name, and what it means to me, as well as how it represents me.
I do still want to get word back from Circle, as to whether or not it’s… “accepted” so to speak.

I know it is my decision, but another way in which I am hoping to really connect to my faith, is to  place my faith in my faith. If that makes any sense; well I know that it does, but you must know what I mean.


I just realized that this post is going to be agony to type up, because I won’t be typing it until the morning on Saturday (today).

Oh well, no matter.


I’ve flipped through some of the stuff I had written down last night, but it’s all irrelevant, so I’m leaving it out and updating – one of the residents within the house has said they would take me to le grandmother’s house so that I may spend some time with her and get my e-reader 🙂 Very exciting.

I didn’t get a chance to spend time with the husband this morning, which made me a little sad, but that’s okay. We have all weekend 🙂


Anyway, I must take off for a little bit because I am needing to tidy and such, then get ready to head out.

Blessed Be, with many smiles!


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