Howdy Gang!..

Morning dearest blog, and wonderful readers –

I’m a tad hateful this morning, as today is the last day before the Metro Transit workers go on strike.

That’s right, our local bus system for HRM, has left 96,000 people without any transport whatsoever, for Goddess knows how long. And the upsetting part? The bus drivers I’ve spoken to, want nothing to do with this strike, it’s the city council that has really pushed this to its limit.

So, yaaaaay.

I need to get some laundry done, and I think I’ll just take you all downstairs to do so.

Be right back! Need to make some tea, get some cereal and get that laundry started!


Alright, I am back!

I am spending some time with hubby, before he must take off, so I am feeling kind of sooky, as I can feel that today is going to be especially long. Ugh.

I wrote something up at work, but I feel too lazy to get off the bed again, away from my electric blanket, to get the papers that I wrote on.  How tragic.

I suppose I should just get all of my things, laptop charger, Tamagotchi (who actually left me because I took such shoddy care of him, as I’m all over hells half acre at work. I was on my 13th Generation, UGH), phone with phone charger, and then tea, and cereal, and take them downstairs so that I can curl up on the couch and keep doing some laundry.

Yeah, I suppose I’ll do that. Be right back again guys!


Alright, I have returned again. Not like you can tell the time difference, but still. Upsetting to me.

Even more upsetting to me – I had to reset my Tamagotchi iD-L, and lost all money, all status, everything; starting all over again. Which I suppose, it’s a bad thing, but I had gotten pretty far.

In the words of le best friend “Yeah, only 13 generations”. :p

Kind of upsetting that it won’t keep everything that I had before. I had everything. All the items, everything.

Oh well. It happens.

I am downstairs and getting ready to load my laundry into the dryer, and I am so perplexed that it’s nice and warm down here, like almost stuffy warm, when it’s freezing cold upstairs. How unfair. Haha.

I can’t believe that Transit is going on strike. It sucks so hard. I’ll be going to work to be able to PAY to get to work again… Goodness.

I really don’t have a whole lot to talk about. I do apologize.

I’m really ready to just sit back and relax doing laundry, having some tea and messing around with my Tamagotchi.

I R Nerd.

I will let you be for now, as I will probably write while at work.

Blessed Be, with love and light.





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