Goodness, I hate arguments. 

They leave you feeling empty and hateful towards everything; which is overly horrible if you’re already feeling really out of sorts and hateful.

I just wish there was a way that I could call up the hubby to even talk to him, and hear him, make sure we’re both okay. But that would be unnecessary, and just upset him.

It is so difficult to deal with the shifts I’m working, as much as it is better for the situation at hand, it’s difficult because we don’t get much time together, and it tends to make things come out wrong in the middle of an emotional upheaval.

I still want to find solace and love in Cernunnos or the Goddess, however, I do feel that I need my husband. I am sooky, and cranky, and massively tired. Going into work isn’t going to help that, but thankfully I will have the chance to keep reading or writing posts. I just don’t know if I feel up to the task or up to being able to deal. I could cry, heavily. And I keep postponing making my damn grilled cheese so I need to get my shower soon and I’ll probably just miss my lunch altogether. I hate being in this state. 


Also, just called Metro Transit, and for some reason… even though it’s only raining, my 62 bus and the 68 bus have called into effect the Snow Plan… 
This is very awkward, because now I am screwed for a way into work unless my friend Nick can come pick me up before work. God, Transit, and HRM City Council, you’re pissing a lot of people off. 

You’re leaving a lot of people stuck in the lurch, including on days that aren’t included in your damn strike!

Yes there is a silver lining, of course, being able to study some more, and do some things to prepare for Imbolc, but seriously?! I have attendance to watch, and I have bills to pay. 


I need to go. The more I write, the more I’m getting flustered. 


If anyone reading has some thoughts or information on a Goddess that you connect with, or if you’ve taken the time to do any studies and research on Imbolc, please do share. 

Blessed Be, with lots of love and light. 


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