Gotta Have Faith…

I was slack this weekend, and Monday – I apologize.

I am being attacked by cramps that would now only bring down a horse, instead of a rhino.

I am thinking of taking a small break this week on my studies, as Imbolc is on the 2nd, and I’d like to do research on all og that, and such. What to do, how to do it; what it’s for in all of its’ entirety.


I’m still a little bummed that I couldn’t do circle on Sunday, the fierce level of pain would’ve kept me firmly rooted to the spot, without the ability to actually focus or allow an encompassed feeling – something I obviously to need to work on.


Yesterday, Monday, was hellish. I didn’t enjoy any part of it outside of being able to spend lots of time with my husband.
My magickal little brother, Zas, is having a life altering surgery on the first, and I am very nervous for him. Surgery in general can be terrifying, yet he’s tackling it like a trooper.
Also, a friend of mine at work suffered a  huge loss yesterday, when a friend of his ended her 17 year old life. He told me this over our lunch break and it took all I had to not just bundle him up in a huge hug. So tragic.


I’ve lots of plans this week, before work. Up at 8am, tea and cereal, spend time with the hubby for an hour or two, then start on getting the bedroom really gutted and rearranged. I’m doing this in the hopes that I will be able to turn my old armoire into an Altar, for circle and general spot of praise, comfort, and link to the Divine. I am hoping for this 🙂

I’m also wickedly excited for Saturday morning, for I’ll be spending some time with my grandmother and getting a Kobo Touch e-reader! Woohoo! So giddy for that. Kobo has about 29k free books to choose from, and our HRM libraries allow the checking out of e-books just like any other paperback.

I am so happy. Perhaps now I’ll have more room for things once I finish all my actual paperbacks, and the only books I’ll truly have are the ones on the Craft and Craft encyclopedias! That’s very thrilling. I don’t know what colour I’m getting though – that remains a mystery!

I’ll be happy with any of them, truthfully, for I’ll have a light weight way to bring along hundreds of books, and no hassle; right now, I go through so many books that I tend to have to bring 2-3 with me wherever I go, every couple of days and that tends to add to the weight and worry that I take with me.

I used to be very against e-book readers, as I’m such a book nerd that it’s tragic… but I got to thinking; for such an avid reader, without a lot of money, and even less storage space… an e-reader really is the best bet for me.
So I am quite excited to take part in the e-book community this weekend.

Sorry ^ see all that? That’s how much I can ramble on with all sorts of books and such – which is also rather tragic.


I’m very excited to be able to arrange something for Imbolc, be it before work, or after (even at 1am on the 3rd), as I want to give many thanks and honour to Brigid, who tends to reign over Imbolc. I’d also like to invite her into the house, and into our lives so that our next few weeks may be blessed, protected and inspired by her.

When I first followed my calling of all this, way back when I started to know the difference; I had my first run in with Brigid. She often has wild red hair, freckles and a soul as deep as her emotions. She is a triple Goddess; representing the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone – 3 pivotal stages of life for a woman.

I’ve had many a person suggest that I do my dedication to Brigid so that I may use her for my continued time as a Maiden, then when I move into motherhood and again when I’ve moved into Crone.
I never wanted to, because she looks like me in more than a few renderings; I didn’t want anyone to think I was copying her to trying to embody her. Or to have someone compare the likeness to one that looks similar to their family pet.

It’s completely foolish, I know. I should look into doing research on her, to dig deep and attempt to speak with her; mind you, Imbolc seems to be my perfect chance for that eh?

I also “wanted” a Goddess that watched over the Autumn  months, as that is my favourite time of the year, but I look at my Lord Cernunnos and don’t give much thought to when he’s supposed to be active, as I call upon him often and regardless of season; I need to make sure that I’ve that sort of respect, faith and connection with a Goddess as well.


It was so beautiful yesterday, it was shockingly warm with a cool breeze, a bright sun in the sky and spring in the wind; I went out for my first break of the evening around 545pm and it was snowing. I went out on my lunch and 740pm to check, and the ground is completely covered, with the snow still tumbling from the sky.
How foolish of me to think that Nova Scotia wouldn’t throw us for a loop. I’m very pleased that it was beautiful while I was at home and out and about though, and only started going wonky after I’d been at work!


Ohhh, I feel so childish and silly! Like a child at Christmas. I cannot wait to get my e-reader; Saturday seems like it’s an eternity away! I suppose though, it is many an hour away, so the dread over the distance is quite reasonable. Right guys? >.> … C’mon, just humor me.

It’s funny really, as I sit here and talk about how quickly I need the week to go by so that I can get my e-read on, (that sounds really awesome) and yet my entire Monday shift basically flew by. Head in a book, deal with sporadic customers, poof!, break time, repeat until midnight.

So really, it is Tuesday, which is one day closer to getting my e-read on!

I’m getting my supervisor to email the gentleman at work who approves the devices that can and cannot be brought onto our office floor.


Now, side  note – While I was at work, the gentleman who gave me grief about being a Witch was spouting off again. He was talking very loudly in regards to faith, and berating another person, as well as me.

He was making quite the fuss over how Catholicism was the first faith and religion to ever exist, and every other faith/religion in the world is based off the devil having let you astray. I had to leave the office for a moment because it made me feel so physically ill. When I came back, my supervisor as if I was okay. I explained to him the past week of religious slurs that have been coming out of his mouth and he said that I should take it to my Human Resources Rep because things like Race, Faith/Religion, Sexual Orientation and Politics are things that should never be discussed at work.

I’m sure this gentleman is well lovely in his own right; however he has serious boundary issues.


Anyway, moving on, I’m sorry for going off on a rant. It wasn’t my intention.

With that though, any feedback to this post would be appreciated. I must take my leave for now.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Monday!



Blessed Be, with Love and Light.


3 comments on “Gotta Have Faith…

  1. faelune says:

    He does realize that today’s Christianity, as it was when people were first being converted, is actually based off the pagan/wiccan faith? That all his holidays stem from ours? Even to the tree he puts up at Christmas? They did that so it would be easier to convert the general public who would never have switched otherwise? Man, people like him really need to crack open a book and learn some facts before they start ragging. Wicca and paganism out date Christianity by, at least, hundreds of years!

    • ryanneasa says:

      He is a man who says what he can to get a rise out of anyone around him. If I can get into work early tomorrow, I am going to talk to our Human Resources department and just mention that any sort of faith talk should not be something discussed on the floor. I am doing my own studies into my faith, but I keep the book well under wraps, it doesn’t interfere with my work, and I do not talk about it. That’s the point of this blog, really. To be able to speak and question and ramble.

      I appreciate your input dear sister.

      • faelune says:

        And I understand that, its just I can’t stand people like him. They’re one of the main reasons I left Christianity; the slandering, the bullying, terrible acts committed in the name of ‘God”. The God that I saw in the bible was vindictive at first, sure, but then they all preached of forgiveness. So why is it that people now a days focus more on being vindictive than forgiving, when most of the stuff they do now is against the bible too? Hypocrites, especially religious ones, really bother me. Blessed be

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