We Don’t Need Strength…

Hello dearest blog,

I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, as my laptop has messed off on me again, so I have resorted to using my netbook. It’s so small that you could fit about 3 of them on the keyboard of my laptop. So, bear with me.

I am exhausted, after having been so happy and full of energy today; being a woman, has reared its’ head during that wonderful time of the month, and I feel like I’m going to die.

I was actually hoping on casting circle tonight, to just sit (hopefully) and be absolutely one (despite the bone-chilling wind) with the Goddess. To feel her entire spirit encompass  me, feeling the earth rise around me, and to feel weightless. I was so antsy, desperate for that feeling, and now.. with cramps that would seriously take down a rhino, I may need to just relax.


I am back home, and am hoping for something for supper here shortly.

I bet it will be delicious, no matter what.

I will keep the circle on the board for happening for now, as I did take about 400 mgs of Tylenol Muscle aches and pains, which has somehow worked for  me before on these types of cramps.

The tragic thing? I had actually performed a bit of self-healing and hypnosis, and it worked for about 5 minutes, where I signed with relief, but I couldn’t actually keep it up because the pain was shooting down my legs, up and down my back and through my entire torso. So yeah… I failed horribly on that one.

Anyway, I do need to cut this short for now. I’ve a little something about Imbolc to write up later, but for  now, I need more tea, more water, my electric blanket, possibly food, and to just wait for the knives to stop poking my uterus.

Blessed Be, all. I hope your weekend was fantastic.


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