Talk About Energy!…

I woke this morning to wind that was shaking my walls.

How fabulous. I can see things going well in circle tonight, even if it does blow out candles and incense. We shall see though! 🙂

I’m a little more than excited to really get into all of this. And by this, I mean rites, rituals, and circle.
The times I’ve cast circle were for those that needed magickal working; which I’m fine with – it’s just that I’ve never known enough about Our holidays to connect with the Divine in circle for prayer, offering, or meet.

I’ve also come to the realization that it’s been… well, longer than I’m willing to admit, since I’ve felt completely connected to the Universe, the Divine and absolutely weightless, while in my sacred circle. It’s so upsetting.

Wait! Quick bit of yay news!

My teacher told me the other day, Tuesday I believe, that they’re gifting me the ritual dress that I wore for my dedication. I’ve had it with me because I packed it by accident with a large sweater of mine, and albeit we only live an hour apart, driving, getting there with time off from jobs can be an agonizing feat.

After all this time, they’ve let me know that the ritual ceremony dress is mine, as a gift for Ostara.

I was very  happy, albeit slightly awkward, because the dress is from , and even their every day garb is quite expensive. They’ve assured me though, that the dress is a well-earned gift. So kind.

I’m fairly certain I won’t be wearing it before Ostara because first, I should bless it and all that jazz, make it mine with my energies, and second, I should wear it for the “first” time during Ostara.

Although… Ostara is March 21st, which seems a long while away, compared to Imbolc, which is merely February 2nd. Lord and Lady may give me strength to hold off until the 21st of March.

If not… well, neener neener, I suck. Haha.

I’ve such an intense to-do list today, goodness. I may, no, I will be saying the Devotional as well as my blessing for General Tasks once I get some breakfast and tea into me.

The others that share the house with me, were supposed to go to an annual festival today, so I was thinking I’d have the basement to myself  to gouge through that intensely crowded list.

If I may go back to two things.
-The Witches’ Alphabet

Deities– To my readers and one that may have stumbled across my blog – who is your Deity? What experiences have you had that lead you to devote yourself to them? Male, female deity, or both? Do you view one as more superior to the other? What path do you study or adhere to? And did it influence your deity choice?

The Witches’ Alphabet– I was studying with it this morning, and for the first half of my shift, I was writing with it. Any words and phrases I could think of, I was writing in the Witches’ Alphabet.
As beautiful as the script is, and all it represents, it’s impractical, as the script is cumbersome and completely unnecessary for actual penmanship or anything outside of elaborate rituals.
I know of Runes, which I wouldn’t mind studying again to remember all that I thought I had memorized. However, what are some other alphabets that are acceptable to utilize?

I may need to do something about this gentleman at work, he sneezed and when I said “Bless you”, he audibly scoffed and told me it’s blasphemous for a Witch to bless anything…
I may need to take matters into my own hands, and approach my Human Resources department. If these are jokes… just… wow.

Anyway, moving on!

I can’t believe how much I have to write in regards to this. My  mind just keeps going and going! Holy Goodness.

I’m still wondering if I could get away with putting my blessing for General Tasks and the devotional prayer, on my desk at work without someone having a fit…

Considering there is someone in the office with a calendar at their desk that is a parade of half naked women, I doubt that a few words is really going to stir the pot. Ha, pun.

Then again,you can never be sure.

Actually, touching on that – I’m very bisexual. Have been for as long as I can remember, though recently “came out” last summer, and have been with both men and women.
I am in no means promiscuous, mind. My entire total, is 5 people, which includes my husband.

I’m sure some may be mortified to learn any of this, but… kindly build a bridge and get over it.

I am all over the female form, as well as the male form; don’t even get me started on my husband. So, in no way am I offended by the aforementioned calendar.

Anyway, dearest blog’uns, I need to get some tea and breakfast into me, then start on my to-do list for just a little bit.

Blessed Be ❤


2 comments on “Talk About Energy!…

  1. Fae says:

    The deity I associate with the most is the moon Goddess, I believe her actual name is Phoebe. I feel that I should delve deeper, maybe there’s another I’d associate with better, but at the same time I can’t. I’ve always loved the moon, I feel such energy pouring down from it. Sometimes I feel as though I’m the battery and she’s the power source. The thought of our all-encompassing mother always calms me, helps me to ground for rites. However I do indeed need to look for my God…..that attachment has never been there. I would love to perform a rite but its quite hard with the amount of neighbours I have.

    PS thanks for the holyclothing link! Found one I already want

  2. ryanneasa says:

    I agree. The Moon has always been my source of true belief, power and strength. I did enjoy speak with Luna at one point, but it was all one sided. I never connected with her on any level outside of circle or magickal workings, which is what upset me.

    I love standing outside under the moon and feeling myself drawing down the moon without even knowing it. It’s second nature, and it happens without thought. It’s amazing. I do need to look more into it, because again, as much as I love my Cernunnos, I do enjoy that the Goddess is my saviour (if you’ll allow the term), and compass point in life.

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