Control Factor…

I am back!

Also, I am still writing at work on various pieces of paper. I’ve hand written so much that my fingers, hands and forearms are actually tired and sore just from holding the pend. Goodness, how tragic.

This that is currently on my mind? Deities.

Last summer I did my dedication to Cernunnos with my teacher and her daughter.

It was a nice ceremony, after Cernunnos had come to me in a dream.

I had had some Mugwort tea that night, to see if any Gods or Goddesses would come to me, show me anything.

What Cernunnos showed me and told, absolutely blew my mind. I was mystified and in the moment of waking, I knew I had been touched by the God of Gods, the Almighty, if you will.

After he had delivered messages to me in my dream, he explored me and embraced me. He stripped me bare, and told me this is how he intended all of his children to be; naked, beautiful in every way, and strong.

I cried in the dream, and I cried for hours after I woke; such joyous, splendid happy tears. Knowing that I had ascended with him and that we had spent hours together, I did my dedication 2 days later.

Since then, he’s come to me twice, once in a dream state, where he held me and comforted me, and the second time, I was looking in a puddle at Shubenacadie Park and I saw him standing ahead of me. I looked up at him and he was smiling. He put his arms out and I had noticed that he was shimmering; neither completely solid nor completely translucent. I stepped toward him and immediately felt every worry, every emotion except absolute joy, leave me.

My husband has the same effect on me, it’s wonderful. I see so much of my Lord Cernunnos in my husband, it’s rather neat.

I’ve come across others that have had similar encounters with both male and female deities. To be taken, made love to, embraced, taught, loved, cherished, etc.
I’m only assuming, apart from a few minor differences, that others in any other religion/faith experience something very similar when they are touched/met by their deity.

I’ve yet to really come across my Goddess. Once, during circle back in October 2011, I fell. I wasn’t hurt, and it wasn’t an attack. I was tired from what I had done in circle and I simply fell. I instantly smelled horses and felt hands under my arms helping me to my feet.

I was comforted by the fact that Rhiannon (RYE-Anne-Un), the horse Goddess, had assisted me. I’ve spoken to her since, and tried to connect, but we’ve shared no moment, as Cernunnos and I did, we’ve not connected, and to think of her now, there is only a hole.
This has made me aware that I need to ponder on my Goddess. I realize that I may simply choose the Goddess, in all Her true form and love, all Her glory, however, I do want to experiment and research before making a final decision, or before I receive that final calling.

Oddly enough, despite the connection to Cernunnos and how much I love him, I do feel the pull of being in complete reverence and awe of our ever-wonderful, ever-lasting Goddess.


A few weeks ago, my spirit animal, (a wolf), of long ago, arrived on my doorstep, figuratively speaking.
Since it had been about 18 years since I’ve seen him or felt him, I was shocked. He made himself known for about a week, then disappeared.

My teacher, and my Selene sister, have seen him – as we’ve all been present in his company.
Over the past two weeks, I’ve called on him, called to him, all to no avail. I’ve a feeling that he’s taken off again.

Following this line of thought, on the 25th of January, 2012, I went outside into the backyard and spoke to any that could hear me; I asked Cernunnos if I may see all those that he protects in his domain.
*See, we live in the city, though we are atop a large hill and have a beautiful backyard.*

All I noticed after I had asked, was a very swift, warm summer breeze, (odd for Nova Scotia in January) and the feeling as if a veil had been lifted from my third eye.

I didn’t really pick up on anything right away; just thought I was seeing things out of the corner of my eye.

Yesterday and today, however, I’ve been able to pinpoint little details and from what I’ve looked into and researched – I may be seeing the Fae and Sprites.
Insight, anyone?

I don’t fear them, I think it’s quite adorable. It’s the fact that they’re everywhere that bothers me a little. More than a few times today while I’ve been writing and while I’ve been dealing with customers, I’ve seen a little ball of light dart in front of my face. It takes a lot to not react to that sort of thing, let me tell you.

I certainly don’t resent having asked Cernunnos to bestow upon me the ability to see that which I asked, and be cognizant of these little beings – I just merely didn’t expect it.

I’m used to seeing auras, to being highly sensitive to all energies and being clairvoyant, not to mention seeing the dead on occasion… yet little beings of light and sometimes wings… somehow, that’s what gets me.
Good job, me.


I may have to make a trip to an office supply store this weekend. The amount of writing has caused me to completely run 3 pens bone dry.
Then again, with 43 views on Wednesday, 100 views Thursday, and 53 so far this evening, whatever I’m writing is keeping you all amused enough! I’d like to say that it is keeping you enthralled, but I’m not that brave, nor  up myself.


So, my dearest blog, I am looking at the time, along with the amount of pages I still have left to type up – and sadly, I must resign for the evening. I have plenty more to talk about, holy Goddess do I ever.

I shall be updating first thing in the morning, worry pas. 🙂

Blessed Be, dearest blog and wonderful followers/readers. Sleep well, we all need it.


One comment on “Control Factor…

  1. Fae says:

    Asa you should be careful when dealing with the Fae. Their morals are not ours. They are tricky, and only when you know their true names, then can you trust them. They love to play practical jokes, and you need to pay attention should you speak with one. They can not lie, but they can twist a truth very well. And you must watch your own words too. I’m sure you know most of this, but there’s a reason Rekin called me Faeliea. Much love sister

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