Truth Or Consequences….

I’m back at it again, as I’ve only an hour before the end of my shift.

I’ve done some thinking. Which can be dangerous, I know!

Basically, I’d like to ask you a question.

Can you imagine yourself giving up, or rather, not taking stock of all the “Regular” traditional holidays?
Personally not celebrating Christmas, not adhering to the “greater” holidays that come about. No Christmas, no New Years’, Easter, etc.

Only partaking in those of the Craft – Mabon, the Witches’ New Year, Imbolc (which we are fast approaching, February 2nd, 2012).

Getting as excited for those and their significance, as you would for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.

Are you able to see yourself falling so into your faith that Our holidays hold more meaning than ones you may have grown up with all your life?

I can, and it thrills me. It makes every inch of me tingle with anticipation and delight. With Magick.

Studying and learning (again) what our holidays are, what we (can) do for them and why they really are so important to us, has opened my eyes a little more, to my need to continue following this path.

To be able to connect to the good Lord and Lady during any of these celebrations, makes my heart sing; so beautiful and wonderful.

I’ve had quite a few remarks on the daily devotional prayer that I posted earlier and I’m very happy that so many of you have enjoyed the simplistic beauty of it. It is nice.

An update to the co-worker who was rolling his eyes and pox-ing me for being a Witch – I attempted to speak to him this evening, asking how his night was going, how some of his customers are, and with everything that was said, on my end and his, he rolled his eyes. So…yeah. Not sure where to go on that, if I need to go anywhere at all.

Here’s a quick tidbit –
As a Witch, or Pagan/Wiccan, whichever of the Old Religions you lean towards, (if any at all) Little Mosque On The Prairie, watch it, it’s phenomenal! I suggest you immerse yourself. Not only is it hilarious, but it deals with some very hot topics.

Oh goodness.
I suppose I should really stop writing for tonight. However, before I do go, I should inform you that as of my last check, my blog, this blog,  hit ONE HUNDRED VIEWS for January 26th, 2012.

That made my heart SOAR. I cannot believe I’ve had enough people take a look at this to rocket me from 43 views on the 25th, to exactly 10o today!!

Blessed Be, all. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again.


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