The Core Of It…

Tonight has been interesting.

I am yet again writing to you in a notebook at work.

I continued to read To Ride A Silver Broomstick while on my way to work. For the first 45 minutes of my bus ride, I was simply in awe of all the things I was reading. It’s not that it’s a new thing I’ve learned, but a new way of thinking; and it’s really not even that.

This author, Silver RavenWolf… she’s amazing. She writes as if solely to me, and she shocks me with how similar she and I are in our ways of practicing and thinking.

The spiritual side of WitchCraft is has always been what interested me, pulled at me. The harmonic, peaceful aspect; the deity aspect.

She thinks along the same lines as I do. I feel as though she is reading my mind somehow, and catering the book to my personal needs and opinions of this religion. It’s keeping me so enthralled with her writing.

I am moving fairly quickly through the book, though doing the lessons is a little more difficult since I’m really only getting the time while at work – ironic.



I am so enamored with the ability and right to appeal to any deity imaginable to ask their patron standing.
Example – it’s winter, I take the bus everyday and get a ride home; roads are treacherous at the best of times, let alone in the dead of winter.

I was completely unaware that I could say a little ditty to Bast before travel of any sort, to ensure my safe passage to points B or C of my destination.

I’ve nothing against asking the same of the Lord and Lady, or my Cernunnos; however, much like the Christians asking for blessing(s) from a patron saint, we can do the same.

To know, late at night, I can speak with Aradia, (Queen of Witches and Protector) to ensure my safety afterwork, coming across the lawn, being out and about; enchanting.

Again – I do not have a problem with turning to Cernunnos, ever. I would enjoy the ability to become closer with other deities, to build a relationship with them. To be cognizant of a handful, or more, of deities and what you can call to them for, how and why you can bond with them, would be absolutely magnificent.


I recommend to you, The Witches’ Datebook, which I will show you through picture in a post at another time; it is amazing. It’s one step short of an Almanac, and allows the use of a day planner. I’ve been buying one every year since I started my first job at 16.


I had a friend of mine text me before my shift, to tell me that when he slows down at work, he opens my blog and read away, over and over. That means so much to me, as this is just my journey, just me rambling on and on.
I feel so blessed that I have so many people that want to share in this journey with me.

Blessed be to all those that are (pardon the upcoming pun) religiously following this blog.
Haha, I am so hilarious… Right.



Moving on -my magickal name.
When I was 17, my teacher chose a name that was just right for me, at the time. — Chandra Ashe Asa.
In a matter of months, Chandra became Serqet, and now I’ve grown even more so, I’m strictly using Asa. I feel disconnected to Serqet and Ashe.

I feel the pull of the Universe, the powers that be, to have a magickal name that perfectly embodies me, as I am  now, as I am in my long chosen Celtic path. Asa, is the only name that I feel connected to, as though it truly belongs with me, anymore.

I need to keep that and incorporate it somehow. Ryanne, is a Celtic name that I stumbled upon in the summer last year, but I’ve always still related and connected to Asa.

Taking Silver’s advice, I’ll have to make it a long term project.


Now, I’m going to toot my own horn here for a moment, because I am very pleased with my progress at work as right out of training, back in November, I’ve been on fire.
In a good way, of course.

I spoke with a gentleman today who so impressed with the way I went above and beyond for him, that he asked my immediate supervisor if he could only ever deal with me. So after 3 months of dealing with the same issue, I was the one to sort it out for him, advocate for him and make it better for him; it was a 2 hour long call, and well worth it!


Tonight, (take this of course as the fact I am this at work on paper) seems to be dragging on. Ugh.

We’re supposed to have another storm tomorrow. That should be just wonderful.
I enjoy most storms. The energy that comes through before, during and after is wonderful.
Granted, when it’s a winter storm, it’s difficult to take full advantage of it, but there are ways, I’m sure.

Thinking of storms, it reminds me of a massive hurricane we had a few years ago, and I went out in it. I collected the rain, in a little vial. To this day, I still have the vial, and it’s atop my armoire.

Speaking of armoire, I’d like to be able to use it for my Sacred space/Altar. It would be a wonderful way to keeping in one place, protected, and without the dividing shelf it is very large inside. It also has 2 drawers on the bottom and the top is quite big.
I’ll have to keep this in mind! Don’t let me forget!


About 10 minutes ago, I checked up on the views on this blog, for today, and I’m a little overwhelmed – 91 views. Holy wow. Apart from Facebook and Twitter, I’d like to know how it’s getting out so well!



I think, being that I’m at work during a lull in working time, I’m going to stop writing and continue studying/reading.


Blessed Be. Love and Light.


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