BE The Change You Wish To See…

Good morning blog,

I woke, and was miserable. But I’m sitting here spending time with my husband, who is showering me these amazing compliments, and I’ve decided that I won’t be miserable.

I am still absolutely exhausted, yes, but I will do my best to do pick it all up, my attitude, and carry on with my day.

I think, once the hubby and I go our separate ways for today,  I am going to just sit and do some quick meditation. If I have the time, of course. Regardless, if I get on the bus to work without having had the time to meditate or really ground myself, I’ll take the time to do it on the bus; tune everything out and get to my own roots.

I’ll also be sure to say that quick little ditty to Bast to ensure my safety to work today, during the storm that is quickly ascending on us. The roads are already getting slick.

I will make sure to say my devotional as well. It’s just a string of words, to some, but it’s so beautiful, and makes my heart swell.


I can’t spend a whole lot of time on this blog today, unless I get on the bus and update you on how it’s been going once I get some thinking time in, and my devotional. I’m thinking of writing my devotional on some paper tonight and putting it on my desk. It shouldn’t be offensive, really… But you never know.


Now, something that I need to say, is that I am so wanting to become intimately familiar with in my magickal life – The Witches’ Alphabet. Otherwise known as The Theban Alphabet, or the Theban Script.

Here is a picture for you :

Witches Alphabet

Witches Alphabet


I love this. I want to learn it, be familiar with it, and be able to command it, as well as I can with the English language, the French language, and with most runes.

Be it that the Alphabet doesn’t support a language outside of English, as far as I am aware, it is not a spoken word, just a written one.

I am okay with that, definitely.

I just want to become as intimately familiar with this, as the rest of my magickal life. 🙂

I must be heading out, my darling blog. As I have some toast and tea that I should make, and some alphabet reprogramming. 😉


I will more than likely update while I am work as well, and on the bus.

Blessed Be with love and light.




2 comments on “BE The Change You Wish To See…

  1. Fae says:

    There are more alphabets that witches use as well. I prefer the Runic, as it has more letters, and more distinction between the different characters. The letters that do share characters are ones you’d expect like ‘c/k’ kind of thing. Although it is still not a ‘complete one in the fact that we have a few letters it doesn’t have, mind its only one or two, so its not too bad.

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