Who Are You?…

There is a gentleman in my office who tends to be very outspoken and opinionated. I only officially met him him two nights ago at work, which is rather pathetic, considering his desk is two desks to  my right, diagonally.

Anyway, names won’t be mentioned, however he doesn’t actually seem to me as a religiously prejudice person.

He had walked past my desk and saw me doing a lesson from To Ride A Silver Broomstick. He asked what I was studying and I told him that I was doing a lesson from a Celtic Studies program. No matter how open people tend to be in this office space, I’m not going to push anything in someone’s face, even though they’ve asked, and essentially it’s not their business.

Anyway, he picked up the book and looked at it, didn’t even say anything until he got back to his seat.
He made the sign of the Cross over me, then used both his index fingers to form an X in front of him, and proceeded to tell me that I am going to Hell and he needs to save my soul.

Laughing, to blow it off while at work, I said, “That’s great, but fabulously, Pagans don’t believe in Hell. Thanks for your concern though.”
He rolled his eyes so hard I feared he wouldn’t be able to bring them to the front of his face.
Every time we’ve locked eyes, or seen each other since, he rolls his eyes.

I’ve asked another colleague, who actually sits directly to my right (as there is no one my left), if this gentleman is saying what he does out of malice, true belief or if he is just saying it for shiggles.

He says strictly shiggles, though the eye rolling gets to me. Oh well, whatever, he is  neither above nor beneath me.

I’ve noticed a few other eclectic people in our office space, it’s very fun to meet them. All walks of life, and different paths to each.

I’m now on page 11 of this little notebook that I’ve  been writing in while at work, to make up for the lack of being able to post at work. 

That’s rather intense.

SO much writing. I’m fairly certain my poor little orange pen is going to die before it’ll be willing to give more of itself to a hand-written blog post.


Therefore, with that, I should pick  up my book, and read/study best as I can.

Blessed Be.


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