The First Day…

I must admit that I am a little surprised, albeit happy, that my blog, on it’s first day, has reached 43 views.

I really hope that it doesn’t cause the stink, drama and ended relationships like the last one did. Or promote the idea that I want to be tracked down and stalked…..

Then again, nothing of this is really about a specific person, other than myself and my own journey.

I may have to shamelessly promote a couple of my fellow WordPress friends, but other than that, there is really no reason for people to be hateful, cruel, vindictive, or get their damn panties in a bunch.
Oui? Oui.

Goodness, I cannot believe how many pages of this notebook I’ve written so far. To type this out tonight, and tomorrow morning, while home, will be positively … AWESOME.

For those that do not want to read, or use the term TL;DR, I won’t apologize, though I will be sad that my thoughts and writing wasn’t enough to keep you around.

I’ve a …. thing, that I wrote a few years ago that I would like to share with you.

I wrote it in 2008, but as per most of my writing, I keep it to  myself. I won’t share it in this post, as it will make it very long.

Anyway, I’m actually going to end this post for now, as I’ve just woken up and need to get some water, tea and breakfast, as well as take some time to spend with my husband. I’ll sign off from this post, get some of that take care of, and perhaps start up another post or two before work.

Blessed Be.


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