To Date….

Just before I get sucked into the next 9 hours of working for the Man, I wanted to make you aware of what I’ve been doing. Yesterday morning I got out my To Ride A Silver Broomstick book, and a new notebook, and started to read. So far, I’ve ear-marked lessons and things I need to do but was unable to do last night as we were busy. Tonight, I will be removing the little creases and starting the journey, so far, in le notebook, I’ve written the entire Chare Of The Goddess (which gives me goosebumps every time!), and written the letter to Silver Ravenwolf (author of the book), as well as did a lot of writing on the terms and different types of Witches, as well as the Principles of Belief.
Tonight, if I do have the available time and the hand power, since I’ve exhausted that power (no pun intended) by typing over and over for these posts, I shall continue throughout the lessons, and chapters.

So, yeah. Progress! 🙂

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