Our Symbol….

This symbol here, gives me great courage, peace and spiritual calm.
For me, it represents all things in and on this Earth that keep us connected, keep us together and united with the Divine.

My story is a long one, starting at just 6 years of age, and being that I am on my blackberry, I will give it a shot, since I’ve got over an hour left until I get to work; my thumbs, however, may decide it’s not a smart move as already they’re disliking the exertion needed to type this out best as possible.

I won’t go into immense detail as to what happened when I was 6 years old, though I’m sure it can be guessed – what’s the single most disgusting, horrifying thing that can be done to a child? Usually what happens by a member of the family, or family friend. Just to stop it right here, it was a family friend. No one in my family is that disgusting.
Moving on – after that, I started seeing auras. Which if you don’t know, are these amazing pantheons of light surround every human being, giving way to thoughts, conditions and hugely, emotions.

I was unsure at the time of what I was looking at, but I did notice that I could read them. I don’t know why, but the energy I felt from these colours and how they seemed to react, caused me to link two and two, three and three, etc, together.

I quickly became very interested in the ways of the supernatural, if you will. Knowing that the average person wasn’t seeing what I was seeing. Knowing the average person wasn’t privy to the things I was picking up on.

At only 6-8 years old, many things were lost on me, for I was not raised as a Witch, nor anything to do with the supernatural, outside of feeling the magick in the little town of Cheticamp, where I spent a great deal of time with my father. All mountains and rich with its own heritage, I tingled with magickal delight every time we went.

As I got older, the opportunities to really learn and study the Craft and its’ ways, dwindled, but I always held a very strict love and desire for it. I ached for it, I suppose you could say.

I did get into the Catholic faith for a year or two, believing it may be a path I could take, and I did feel a little pressured by some to be confirmed in the faith.
After teaching some confirmation classes, to those much younger than myself, when I was just 14, in the Catholic church down the road from me – I was very disgruntled. Half the things I talked about and taught, I loathed and disagreed with. I couldn’t bring myself to even say it, straight from the Bible or not.

I don’t “hate” on the religions of other, for it’s not my place in this Universe to do so. It’s not the place of any living being on this earth to do so, though Goddess knows there are more than a fair share who believe it is their right, and place. So please, don’t think that anything I ever refer to, is actually prejudice or hatred. Nor don’t leave slurs of any kind on my posts or in messages.

Continuing, it was at the age of 14 when I officially started my own studies on all things Witch. It was such a calling to me that I couldn’t stand that I’d been confirmed into another faith. I felt as though there was a hole, an empty space, in my heart and soul, that I knew how to fill in, but for fear of any disregard from family or friends, I kept it very secret until I could find someone who wanted to share the journey with me.

At the age of 16, I met my Teacher while working at Sears after school every day. I was very abrupt, though nervous as hell, when approaching her and asking if she was Wiccan/a Witch. After we shared many giggles, I discovered that yes, she was.

After a long while of getting to know her and having many discussions in regards to our faith, I asked if should could teach me, as I felt very inadequate to speak to her and others about my thoughts and my own knowledge.

To this day, though I’ve been a Priestess for months, as well as a High Priestess in my own circle for years, I feel inadequate and insufficiently adept at the ways in which I should be living, every day, every way, every second; seeing the magick in everything, giving shout outs to the divine throughout daily tasks and troubles, even blessings. Saying my daily devotional prayer. All these things that complete me, and make me feel so much closer to the divine; yet I’ve neglected it for the lack of confidence in myself. How tragic.

So, coming to a close, I suppose I should, I do not discredit my teachers for their words and lessons; however, my desire to be Witch in every sense of the word, following up on a strong connection and desire to connect to the Divine on a Celtic Witch lifestyle, I am starting my devotions, my studies and path again, anew, and on my own.

I will write what I can, when I can, often though, to keep myself on track and abreast of what’s in my head. Those that want to follow, thank you, the support, even the curiosity, means a great deal to me, and I am very enriched to be sharing the journey with others.

Should you have any comments, questions, concerns, etc, always feel free to let me know in the comments. I will always answer, and I definitely appreciate the feedback/input.

That’s all for now folks, as my thumbs are ready to wither, and though there are more things I could have mentioned – that’s all you needed to know.

PS – you need to be made aware of the fact that I have an undying love/addiction to reading anything I can get my hands on, Tamagotchi, and always learning new ways to discover oneself, through their chosen path of finding, or path of their Divine.

Blessed be, with love and light.


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    Much love

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